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Friday Ramblings

June 13, 2013

On The Baby…

Molly is gradually getting sturdier on her legs. She’s standing a lot now, even so far as to go from a squatting position to a standing position all on her own! She took one step the other day, but then grabbed onto the nearest surface (I believe it was my sisters knee) to steady herself. Her sleep has been much better this week. I’m doing a combo of nursing her and pick up/put down. I know I should be more consistent, but I do enjoy the peacefulness of nursing her to sleep. She doesn’t take long to go to sleep if I end up doing pick up/put down so at least it’s not like starting from scratch each time.

On The Blog…

Sorry for the lack of interesting content lately. I have so many posts that I have in mind to write or have already started writing but with two, sometimes three, kids around most days, my time is all used up! Someday I’ll be able to focus a little bit more attention to this space. I really do love it!

On TV…

Oh my gosh, Game of Thrones!! We managed to watch Season 3 this week and it was awesome!! I won’t say anything for those of you who haven’t watched, but WOW!!! It was intense. We continued watching Arrested Development and find ourselves rather bored. We just finished episode 3 of the latest season. I think we’ll continue, as we’ve read reviews that it’s worth it to keep watching, but goodness. I almost fell asleep last night as we watched.

On Father’s Day…

It’s A’s first Father’s Day this Sunday!! I have a few things up my sleeve for him, including a top secret gift from Molly and waffles for breakfast. Which means I need to get a waffle iron (he knows this already). I found a recipe for cheddar bacon belgian waffles that sounds AMAZING, though I may stick with the traditional sort before getting adventurous.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my life, including my own wonderful father and my super fantastic father-in-law!

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