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Friday Ramblings

May 17, 2013


Oh my gosh. What a day! CK was fussy with what we now know are ear issues, CJ was whiney for whatever reason, and Molly was completely off her nap schedule because of some ill timed #2’s, which meant my one on one time with CJ was limited. Thankfully A was off work at lunchtime so he could take care of getting Molly to sleep.

All this is a way of saying sorry this is late!

On the Baby…

Molly is full on waving hello and goodbye and it’s so cute! She wakes up doing it, which explains a lot of her sleep issues. Lots going on in her little head!
Speaking of sleep, we’re not doing too badly with changing her sleep habits. I caved last night and again tonight and nursed her to sleep, for the sake of my aching and tired body (CK threw a remote on my toe, I’ve wrenched my shoulder and I’ve had some weird PMS cramping). But I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.

On the Sweetness of Preschoolers…

Aunt Chrissie? I’m going to love you all day

Takes the sting out of the whine she had going on today 🙂

On Landscaping…

We’re starting the first of our outdoor improvement projects this weekend, with the widening of the front walkway. I’m kicking myself that I forgot to take a before picture but I may have one somewhere from last year. It means taking out a good chunk of the front garden but it’ll give us a ton more room to manoeuvre babies, baby gear and other miscellaneous items into the house.

And that’s about all I can come up with for now! OH we’ve booked our vacation for the fall…

On Our Vacation…

We’ve chosen an island getaway this year, though it’s a bit further north than you might guess…we’re heading to Newfoundland in September for my cousin’s wedding! We’re making a week of it and will be there at the same time as my parents. I’m so excited! It’ll be Molly’s first plane ride. I hope we fare well!

That’s really it. I’m of to bed now. Hope you a have a great weekend! It’s a long weekend here and I think it might be or in the U.S. as well. Enjoy and be safe!

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