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Weekend Wind-Up

May 13, 2013

Tired were we on Friday night, and facing the unknown reaction to the change in Molly’s sleep habits, I set aside my planned baked salmon for take out pizza 🙂
It turns out it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be to introduce a new routine to get Molly to sleep, but I’ll post more on that in the next few days!

Saturday morning flew by with some chores around the house and at 12:30 I got myself ready and headed out to pick up my mom (Molly stayed home with A). We were off to a baby shower for one of our old neighbours from well over 15 years ago. She wasn’t even in high school when we met her! So bizarre that she’s having a baby. We had a lovely time there and enjoyed a yummy lunch (I LOVE shower food) and the most amazing cookies and cream cupcake (Oreo based, my fave!) I’ve ever had! Not too sweet, the cake was dense and moist, the icing smooth and buttery. Sadly the bakery they came from is on the other side of Toronto 😦

We got home around 3:30 and because Molly had a late morning nap, she was ready for an afternoon snooze when I got there. She woke shortly before six, our schedule completely thrown off for the day. Ah well! We had BBQ burgers and then the three of us went for a nice walk.

Once Molly was asleep (9pm…argh!), A and I cuddled up to watch a movie. He’s wanted to watch Chronicle for a while now, so that’s what we picked. It wasn’t too bad. I went to bed late but when Molly woke up at 5am and didn’t show signs of going back to sleep, A gave me my first Mother’s Day present by getting up with her.

We put her back down at 7:30 and enjoyed another little bit of sleep before getting ready to go to my parents for Sunday brunch. Before we left I was presented with the rest of my gifts: cards from Molly and A, chocolates, a gift card for Joe Fresh clothes (a fave of mine) and hanging flower baskets!

To tell the truth, I discovered the hanging baskets the night before. In a rare move, I went out the front door to check in with A who was cleaning his car and decided to head around back via the side of the house, which is where he was keeping them. I never go that way, usually out the back door. Oops. Such a great idea though. They’ll last awhile as opposed to cut flowers.DSC_4509copy (1024x1280)

Brunch at my parents was amazing!! My mom rocks the kitchen like no one else! She made a yummy egg strata with prosciutto, scrambled eggs, back bacon and sausages, grilled vegetables and yogurt parfaits with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Oh and banana chocolate chip muffins (totally healthy with while wheat flour, wheat bran and ground flax). Yum!
We saw my dad off as he left on a business trip (hence brunch not dinner) and then we took ourselves off to Costco. Molly needed new sleepers (18 month size there…what!?) and I needed ground beef. An odd pairing, I know. We also picked up a new outdoor may for the front porch, some board books for Molly, a Shepherds Pie for dinner, and yoga capris for me :-).

DSC_4497copy (848x1280)

Home we went and I tried and tried to get Molly to nap but she wasn’t having it. There’s usually one reason she won’t nap and my suspicions were confirmed a half hour later when we had a code 2 in the diaper department! By that time though it was 3:30 and I didn’t want her to nap. We tried keeping her up but around 5:30 A came upstairs with her and she was half asleep on his shoulder. Poor baby. She went to bed easily enough but woke several times in the evening. My theory? She didn’t have supper with us or her usual big nurse before bed because fell asleep so quickly, so she kept waking up hungry.

It was a fantastic weekend and I want to thank my hubby and Molly for making my first Mother’s Day so special! I’m a lucky girl 🙂

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