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Weekend Wind-Up

May 7, 2013

Sorry for the delay! Yesterday was crazy and I had not a moment to myself until after Molly went to bed, at which point all I wanted to do was sit. So sit I did.

I found myself saying a lot of the following this weekend:

It’s so nice out!
I can’t believe how nice it is!
I’m so happy that it’s so nice!

Obviously I need to add some more descriptive words to my vocabulary, but folks, we were truly blessed with stunning weather this weekend. 23-25 degrees Celsius, sunshine and blue skies….perfect! If it could only be like that year round…but then maybe we wouldn’t appreciate it as much…nothing like a Canadian winter to make 10 degrees feel like summer!

Saturday morning we all slept in, though only after Molly had been late going to bed and up a lot (I’m about to hit my limit with that…steps are going to be taken as soon as her cough is gone to help this issue). A requested coconut French toast for breakfast, a request I happily obliged (recipe below). Once we’d done a few chores around the house, the three of us piled into the car and headed East to Cobourg. We were meeting up with my in-laws for a surprise birthday supper for my mother-in-law. Cobourg is sort of a central location between those of us in Durham Region and those out near Kingston. We decided to head down early to accommodate Molly’s nap schedule and to walk around town and on the beach, enjoying the beautiful day! We met everyone for dinner, surprising A’s mom with accomodations for the night, dinner and a spa package for the next day. After dinner (I had ribs, yum! Molly liked them too) we took a walk on the waterfront to an ice cream parlour where I let Molly have her first taste of ice cream! Mint chocolate chip. It was just a touch of the tongue. I’m not ready to give her more than that, especially that close to bedtime!

_DSC4301 copy (1280x848)

Early in the afternoon. She loved being outside!

_DSC4327 copy copy (1024x1280)

Me, on the boardwalk.

_DSC4321 copy (1280x848)

The beach! Definitely not warm enough to go in the water yet. Not that I would. Lake Ontario gives me the heeby jeebies.

DSC_4353 copy copy (1280x1024)

This was at the end of the day. She was so tired, you couldn’t get a smile out of her!

Sunday arrived with another glorious day weather-wise. But sadly the hubs wasn’t feeling well! He’d wrenched his back the day before installing Molly’s new car seat and also ended up with some sort of flu bug by the time evening came around. Poor guy.
I felt fine though and went out in the morning to weed the back gardens while Molly napped. When I was done I headed off to my favourite garden centre and picked up some plants: kale, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, beets and rhubarb. There is still danger of a frost but those veggies are fairly hardy in the cold. I planted them on Monday with my gardener-in-training, CJ while the babies napped. In a few weeks we’ll plant tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cucumber as well as refresh my herb pots.

A quick visit to my parents with Molly, grocery shopping and BBQ hot dogs rounded out a lovely weekend! I hope you all had a good one, wherever you were!

Coconut French Toast
Serves 2 (3 slices for him, 2 for me)

5 slices of bread
5 eggs
1 tsp coconut extract
1-2 tbsp buttermilk
Shredded unsweetened coconut

Butter (I don’t measure)

Preheat a griddle, non-stick pan or cast iron skillet (my preference is the cast iron skillet) and toss some butter in there. Blend eggs, coconut extract and buttermilk in a bowl. Spread unsweetened coconut out onto a plate. Dip each slice of bread into the egg mixture, coating both sides. Then dip each side onto the shredded coconut. Cook for a couple of minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Use as much butter as you need and check frequently. It can very quickly go from golden brown to burnt. Serve with your condiment of choice. I prefer syrup , while hubby uses ketchup (what?? crazy).

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  1. May 7, 2013 10:26 am

    Beautiful pictures!

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