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Friday Ramblings

May 3, 2013

On the Baby…

We’ve had a sick little kitten here this week. Molly’s been sporting a runny nose for a while now but on Tuesday she started coughing and the fever hit. I took her to the doctor on Wednesday:

Diagnosis: virus.
Prescription: let it run it’s course.

As much as I’m happy that she doesn’t need antibiotics (so far she’s has none, other than some eye ointment months ago), I kind of wish that what she has is bacterial because antibiotics tend to make you feel better a whole lot faster. She’s not a happy camper and I hate seeing her so sad.
My niece and nephew have been sick too, as has my sister, so I haven’t had her kids since Monday. That’s made it a bit easier to care for my sick gal.
To top it all off a tooth is coming in and we were treated to uncharacteristic screaming at 5am this morning.

Rough week!

And that’s all she wrote. I have no other thoughts other than I hope Molly’s sleep patterns settle soon. Mama is tired.

Happy weekend all!

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