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Friday Ramblings

April 26, 2013

On the Baby…

Our girl is chatty this week! Lots of babas and mums. I’m fairly certain baba is her way of saying dada. And mum is me of course :-). She also gets a keh out now and then when she sees the cat.
Her sleep regression continues in a fairly consistent pattern. She goes down around 7, and then is up every hour or so until 11. She’ll sleep until 2 or 3 and is then awake for two hours. Ugh.
Wednesday night though she surprised me. She went to bed at 9, slept until 4 and after a brief nurse, was back to sleep and slept until 7:30. She was late going to sleep because of a late afternoon nap (she woke at 6) so I’m wondering if that had something to do with it. Regardless, I’m hoping its a sign of things getting back to normal (awake briefly to nurse once a night, with the occasional all nighter)

On Both Babies…

Things went a lot more smoothly this week, though started off kind of bleh. I had a virus of some sort and felt horrid on Monday. My mom took CK on Tuesday so that I could get some rest. Molly and I both had a 2.5 hour nap that afternoon!
I’m managing to sync their naps, though it means waking Molly up by 7:30am if she’s not already up.
And I don’t know if it’s because he’s adjusted to being here or if he was just going trough a grumpy phase last week, but CK has been a lot less quick to cry this week. That makes a huge difference!

On The Garden…

Much to CJ’s disappointment, it’s not quite warm enough to plant yet, but plans are in the works for this years vegetable garden! It was a mistake to plant last year, with me being so incredibly pregnant through the growing season (as far as I’m concerned, there IS such a thing as being a little pregnant, sorry First Response!). This year I don’t have that issue and very much look forward to getting my hands dirty! The usual suspects will be included, zucchini peppers, tomato and cucumber, in addition to our new faves, lettuce and kale. We loved having easy access to salad fixings last year, so I’m hoping to add more varieties, such as arugula and spinach.

On Genius…

I’m sure that someone has done this before, but today at lunch I was looking to spruce up my scrambled eggs. I had two impatient kiddies awaiting me so I needed to make a quick decision. I glanced down on the door and bam! It just hit me:

Bacon bits.

Um, fabulous! It added a bit of crunch and of course, the taste of bacon. Yum! Cannot believe I’ve never thought of it before!

I hope you all have a groovy weekend! I’m getting my hair cut and coloured tomorrow. So excited!

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