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Friday Ramblings

April 19, 2013

On the Baby…

I think we’ve hit the famed nine month sleep regression, which can be caused by any number of things: major skill development, teething, realization of object permanence and separation anxiety. Molly has not been sleeping well at all, barely napping through the day and awake numerous times in the night, often every hour. It’s like she’s a newborn again! From what I’ve read, the suggestion is to wait it out and not do anything drastic (ie sleep training) for a couple of weeks. Not an easy feat, especially at 2am when she’s been awake for two hours. Ugh!
But our girl being who she is, she’s handling it like a champ! She somehow manages to stay chipper despite the lack of sleep. Can’t say the same for her mama…but she’s cute so I get over it pretty fast πŸ™‚

_DSC4154 (1280x1024)

On Twins…

That’s what it’s like, having my nephew here during the week. I feel like I have twins! It’s not easy and I have mad respect for families with multiples. This week has been particularly rough. CK has such a different personality than Molly, and I find it hard to handle sometimes. He’s very quick to react. It’s getting easier though, especially as we figure out his napping schedule. He’s almost 13 months and at that point where he’s not sure if he needs one nap a day or two.
I managed to get out on a couple of walks with them both this week, but it’s hard to fit that in right now because their nap schedules are not syncing. If I can get that coordinated, we’re golden!

On Shades of Grey…

I found grey hair. My roots are growing in quite distinctively (have to get that taken care of) and there they are. Greys. Sigh. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m 35 and many of my friends and family have had grey for years. It was bound to happen. It’s just that I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have grey. Maybe because I have a baby and plan on having another. Small kids have a way of keeping me young, at least for the moment πŸ™‚

On A Crazy World…

One of the things I agonize over when it comes to raising Molly is how to protect her from the ills of the world. I don’t want to become a helicopter parent, but recent events make me want to move to the middle of nowhere, homeschool and never let her out of my sight. A month ago there was a attempted abduction at the elementary school where my sister teaches. Last week there was another attempt, this time close to my home, near the school Molly will most likely attend. MY HOME. I was here, in this house with Molly and my sister’s kids when some bastard attempted to abduct a young girl a few minutes from here. Makes me sick. And also makes me want to walk her to and from school until she graduates from college.
I hate that we’ll have to do it, but we have a bit of time yet before we have to teach her about being safe in that way. I’ll be doing some research as to the best way to approach it. If anyone has any resources, please share!

On Spring…


Excuse last years foliage and the garbage (how does that amass in our garden??)…the snow JUST melted over the past week and I haven’t had a chance to get out to the gardens yet!

Happy Friday all! I’ll leave you with this adorable video of Molly laughing at her daddy πŸ™‚

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  1. April 19, 2013 5:03 pm

    I cannot get over how amazingly blue her eyes are! They’re gorgeous!

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