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Just Say No

April 10, 2013

You know what’s hard? Saying no to your eight month old baby.

And it’s not because I’m being firm and feel bad about that. I have no qualms saying no to the things A and I have agreed to say no on. A child needs boundaries after all. I spent years babysitting and earned many a “I don’t like you” and “you’re not my friend”. That doesn’t phase me one bit. Neither do tears if they don’t get their way.

So why is it hard?

It’s hard to keep a straight face! It’s just so darned funny and it’s extremely difficult not to laugh, both at how useless it seems at times and at the my daughter’s reaction.


Molly’s current love is the carbon monoxide detector plugged into the wall in the living room. There it sits, with a bright green light (ooooh) and a button just screaming to be pushed (ahhhh). CK won’t go near the thing, having experienced the wrath of the detector when that button is pushed (all hell breaks loose).
But Molly isn’t deterred. Sometime she takes a run (crawl) at it. And sometimes she meanders over to the play table, which, due to space requirements sits near the outlet, with the pretence of playing but will gradually cruise her way over for a grab.

I wait until she makes her move and intercept with first a ‘no Molly’ and then a ‘don’t touch’. 2% of the time she listens. But the allure is too much, so if (when) she persists, I will take her away and try to distract her. Like most kids, she’s stubborn and will crawl back over at super speed (when did she get so fast?). I’ll grab her again, and then again, at which point she starts giggling and this is when it gets hard. How can you not love a baby giggle? Molly’s laughs are infectious and I bite my tongue trying not to laugh along with her, amazed at her cheek, amazed at this little personality developing.

I would love to let it go and play her game, but one of the most valuable tools a parent has is follow through, so I keep at it. It’s how she’ll learn as she tests boundaries.

But I do make sure to laugh about it later with A as I tell him about his cheeky girl 🙂

Fun times are ahead!

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  1. April 11, 2013 12:37 pm

    We’re having the “No” issue with Isla right now too. EVERYTHING must be touched/pulled/poked/grabbed/whatever. Her loves are the power cord to my Macbook, to which I always have to grab from her little paws and say NO before she puts it in her mouth. I’ve smacked her hand (lightly!) a couple times, and both times she started to cry. I feel horrible, but it’s all a part of the learning process.

    It’s funny how babies really push their luck and test us!

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