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Weekend Wind-Up

April 1, 2013

Easter for us this year was low key and in my opinion, low key is always great!

Late Thursday afternoon we found ourselves on the road to visit A’s parents. The drive started off well, with Milly sleeping for the first hour or so but when we stopped for a much needed coffee, she woke up and the prevervial poop hit the fan.

Lesson learned: no stopping!

We tried her on her own in the back and for a little while she was ok, but gradually the confines of her carseat got to her and soon she was in a full fledged meltdown. So after a stop for a quick nurse, we got on the road again, this time with me in the back to keep Molly company.

All was well once we arrived and she settled down. We put her to bed and then we played cards! We played this game called Five Crowns and I won!!! I was so excited. In the just over two years A and I have been together, I don’t think I’ve ever won a game of cards at his parents. Ever. Alas, my winning streak was a one night affair. The next night I lost miserably in a game of Wizard.

_DSC3977 copy (1024x1280)

Standing on her own for a few seconds at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

Friday was spent playing cards and marvelling at the kids. Molly’s cousins, A (she’s three) and W (almost three months) came for the day with A’s sister and her hubby. We had a yummy turkey dinner (Easter dinner #1) and were all ready for bed around 10. Molly had a tricky time sleeping in her pack and play. She moves around so much and it’s a smaller space than her crib.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed home. Once again Molly slept for the first hour. In a pre-emptive strike, I got in the back with her before she got upset.

_DSC4014copy (1280x848)

Happy Easter!

After lunch, I put our miss down for a nap and then headed out on my own to Costco. Our freezer is bare and we needed some meat! Not the best idea I’ve ever had though. It was incredibly busy, what with it being closed on Friday and Sunday. My blood pressure spiked trying to maneuver my way though first the parking lot (you don’t get a medal for closest spot!! Just suck it up, park far away and use the legs evolution gave you!!) and then the store itself (you should need to take a test to drive a shopping cart). But I survived and our freezer is the better for it 🙂

Easter Sunday arrived with a visit from the Easter bunny! Molly isn’t old enough to reap the sweet benefits of Easter, so he brought her some plastic eggs and a stuffed bunny. She especially loved the plastic grass in the basket, but that was taken away swiftly as soon as she tried to eat it! Chores took up the rest of the day until it was time to go to my parents for Easter #2, which was a yummy prime rib dinner.

_DSC4039copy (1024x1280)

Me and my red locks. Not exactly what I had wanted but not too bad 🙂

During dinner, Molly did something she hasn’t done in months: she fell asleep sitting on A’s lap! She’s not much of a cuddler and never sits still long enough to conk out anywhere but on the boob. I was astonished! But I think it was a sign of things to come. She had a very restless night, waking and fussing for a couple of minutes every half hour or so. I didn’t go in each time, as she wasn’t upset enough (mostly grumbling) but it kept me up as well. Something is bothering her. Probably teething.

So here we are on Monday morning, Molly not straying far from my side. A sure sign something is up with her. A had to work (some people get Monday off today others don’t) but Molly and I will occupy ourselves with a trip to Walmart and taking care of the never ending pile of laundry.

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

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