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Friday Ramblings on Thursday

March 28, 2013

Happy Easter everyone!

On The Baby…

We’re starting to introduce the concept of boundaries around here with Molly now on the move, specifically in what she can and can’t touch. I’m fairly easy going and have made sure to remove the truly breakable objects from her reach, so really the house is hers to explore, but there are some that cannot be moved and I don’t want her to touch. Specifically the digital cable box, the carbon monoxide detector near the fireplace and an extension cord sticking out from behind my new shelf unit. I find myself saying repeatedly throughout the day:

“No Molly”

“Don’t touch Molly”

“That’s not for Molly”

Rinse, lather and repeat. And of course I do the same for my nephew.

She’s pretty good and after saying “no” a few times or offering up something else to grab her attention, she moves on. But the priceless thing is that she’s started shaking her head when you say “no” to her. It’s so cute!

On the Kitty…

My kitty is adorable and so good with the kids! She’s not sure about Molly moving around now but isn’t mean about it at all. Here’s her favourite illegal spot to sleep right now:


Don’t tell my hubby I didn’t move her off right away 🙂

On Balancing Housework…

If I let it, the mess created by my babies (CK and CJ have been here a lot and CK starts fill time on Tuesday) would drive me nuts and all my time would be spent cleaning up. That’s not how I want to live! So I’ve created a balance that seems to work. It helps that we’ve corralled the kids in one area so the mess can’t spread.
At the end of the day, while A gives Molly her bath, I tidy the toys, do the after dinner dishes, clean the high chairs and sweep the floors.
Once a week I vacuum and steam mop the floors (best investment ever!) and wipe down surfaces. To clean the floors extensively every day is a losing battle and I don’t want to feel frustrated.
I still have to work out a good balance for the rest of the house (vacuuming, bathrooms, laundry etc) but that will come. Baby steps!

That’s it for now! This week was kind of bleh, so not much more to report other than I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter long weekend!

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