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Weekend Wind-Up

March 25, 2013

Three hours.

Molly napped for three hours on Sunday afternoon! I don’t think she’s ever napped that long during the day. And she had a 2.5 hour nap on Saturday!!

Why doesn’t she do this during the week?

Regardless of why, it was welcome. It’s not that she’s a bad baby. Not at all, but I wasn’t feeling the best over the weekend and needed rest. My throat was sore, my head fuzzy and I just felt blah.

By Sunday afternoon though, I was feeling better. Thank goodness! I was afraid I’d caught A’s plague.

We did manage to get a few chores done, despite my not feeling well.
We are now a gated community! A got the last of the gates up, this one on the top floor across the top of the stairs. This is our life for awhile! If it was just Molly, I’d focus on teaching her stair safety, but since I’ll have my nephew here, I need the added security. There’s no way I want to worry about two babies on the stairs!

We (and by we I mean A) also put shelves up over our desk area in the basement. I’ll share pics once I’ve organized a bit. It’s not exactly the look I wanted, but it gives us a bit more office storage space.

And wow that’s about it!

This coming weekend should be a bit more exciting, since it’s Easter!

And now, I need a nap while I have the luxury of doing so. Molly’s just about asleep….

Happy Monday!



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