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Creating Kid Central

March 20, 2013

In a couple of weeks my sister finishes her year of maternity leave and is heading back to work. Boo! I’m so sad and will miss her terribly but am thrilled that I’m going to be looking after my niece and nephew until she finishes work in June (she’s a teacher)! CJ will only be with me a couple of times a week but CK will be here Monday to Friday. Which means that our house is about to become Kid Central.

I’ve been thinking and planning a lot about how it’s going to work with two babies (CK is four months older than Molly) and a three year old.

One of the things foremost on my mind is visibility of the wee ones while I’m in the kitchen. I had a few ideas to implement.

Our main living area and kitchen are within the same space. One half is the living room and the remaining half is divided with one part the cooking area and the other the eating area.

One solution to keeping the kids in sight is to put up a gate across the entrance to this space. This keeps them all together and blocks both sets of stairs.

_DSC3941copy (1024x1280)

It’s also an excellent way to protect the cat! She’s awesome with the baby, but since Molly has started crawling, has become a bit wary. She doesn’t like little people coming at her full force and keeps her distance 🙂

My other idea required a bit of furniture rearrangement and relocation.

Up until now I had a three seater couch dividing the space and a love seat on the other wall creating an L shaped sitting area, but on Saturday we moved the love seat to the front room (a small parlour area) and moved the three seater to where the love seat used to be. The space is now wide open with no divider.

_DSC3957copy (1280x848)

It’s not optimal for visitors, with half our seating now gone, but it creates an open line of sight for me and a huge space for play. I’m not as much worried about CJ, she’s quite tall, but CK and Molly are small and grab and trip over each other all the time.

One of the other issues I’ve been trying to figure out is storage in this space.

In the living room, out from under the TV unit came my catch-all bins and in went bins for toys. I re-purposed some baskets I had in our front hall closet that fit well.

_DSC3960copy (1280x848)

And then there’s the kitchen. Always a challenge when it comes to storage, especially with my interest in cooking and baking.

We made a trip to IKEA on Sunday to pick up a shelf unit. I need this for a few reasons:
One, to hold my ever expanding collection of cook books.
Two, I’m continually accumulating more cooking and baking tools (Most recently a three tiered cooling rack and a cake decorating set).
And three, with kids comes kid eating paraphernalia: bowls, spoons, sippy cups, bibs. The list goes on.

I love this unit for the open shelves on top, and the deeper closed off area below.

_DSC3945copy (848x1280)

Perfect in terms of function and at only $120, perfect in price! I was looking at similar units sold elsewhere for $8-900! Uh, no.

With this in place I can focus on organizing the pantry so that things for the kids are close at hand. I hope this helps things run smoothly! More on my pantry reorganization later.

It’s going to be a fun adventure, that’s for sure!

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