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Six months with Baby

February 27, 2013

In another week Molly will be 7 months! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Every day she brings a new element of joy to our lives. She really is a remarkable baby. And cute as a freakin’ button!!

I thought it appropriate to check in with myself to see if, six months in, parenting is what I thought it would be…

Me: Would you say you had a smooth transition to motherhood?

Me: It’s been fairly smooth yes. I mean, the first few weeks were tough, getting used to the change in my sleep habits, but on the whole it’s been pretty easy!

Me: Is she a crier?

Me: Thankfully, no. In fact she cries so infrequently I thought she might be one of those kids who doesn’t feel pain. But then one day she fell back onto the carpet and bumped her head. She cried and I let out a whoop of joy…while comforting her of course ๐Ÿ™‚
We’ve only had one night when she was crying nonstop in the middle of the night. She was five days old and the poor thing couldn’t poop! Happily the situation, ahem, rectified (haha) itself!

Me: Are you exclusively breastfeeding?

Me: Yes, though now we’ve introduced solids. But other than a few ml of formula on the day we brought her home from the hospital (on the advice of our lactaction consultant), I exclusively breast fed her.

Me: Any problems with breastfeeding?

Me: There was the expected nipple soreness. And Molly initially had a shallow latch which didn’t help. But we eventually figured things out. I still find it most comfortable to feed her with a nursing pillow. Much less pressure on my arms, shoulders and neck that way.

Me: Molly started sleeping through the night at two months (5 hour stretches or longer)…what’s your secret?

Me: Honestly, I just think that some babies are developmentally ready for it sooner than others and I got lucky. She’s been ahead in most areas since day one. I think one of the tricks though is feeding on demand through the day and a big feed before bed. She often wakes up once a night, around 3-4am but that’s after sleeping an 8 hour stretch.

Me: So you nurse her to sleep? You said you didn’t want to do that…

Me: I did say that! But I also said nothing was set in stone and I was adaptable. My opinion about nursing to sleep has changed. I no longer see it as a habit. Now, it’s part of what my body was designed to do. Not only can I nourish, but I can soothe and comfort. Bedtime is a calm and peaceful around here. There is no crying, no endless rocking. Other children rely on a pacifier, toy, sound or light to go to sleep. My daughter needs ME. The only difference is that my time is required. But what’s 45 minutes? I think of it as down time. Nothing like nursing to make you sit!

Me: So you’re not worried she’s going to be unable to sleep without nursing?

Me: not at all. In fact, more often than not now, she won’t fall fully asleep and I put her down awake. Nine times out of ten she’ll roll over and go to sleep on her own. Other times she’ll just grumble herself to sleep or there are times when she’s just not finished nursing. But what’s key is that through the night, when she wakes, she doesn’t always need me to go back to sleep. She does that all on her own. If she wakes up wanting me, I know its because she’s hungry. I’m thrilled we haven’t had to sleep train her. She’s figured it out for herself, as she was ready. That’s kind of our philosophy. I’ll nurse her to sleep as long as it works for both of us.

Me: Did you co-sleep at all? What about baby-wearing? Are you a crunch mama??

Me: I really don’t like to put labels on parenting, but I know what you mean. I suppose I’m crunchy in terms of my feelings about breastfeeding Molly and in preferring not to let her crying out, but for a lot of other things, no. We don’t co-sleep because the thought terrifies me. I actually had nightmares every night for her first three months that either myself or A was rolling over onto her or that she was suffocating under the covers. Once we moved her to her own room (at three months), the nightmares stopped. I think it may have been her proximity to me. She has never, ever slept in our bed. As for baby-wearing, I just can’t handle that physically. I suffer from tension headaches and the slightest strain on my neck triggers a headache. Even the most ergonomic slings are uncomfortable for me.

Me: Have you encountered the “mommy wars” yet?

Me: I personally haven’t had any criticism as far as how we’ve decided to parent Molly. We’re doing what’s right for us and for our child and are confident in our decisions. But I’ve read a lot where people are openly criticized for their choices. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone for doing something differently than you. I mean, hey, we’re choosing not to let Molly Cry It Out but that doesn’t mean I think badly of the people who do. It’s just not the right choice for us.

Me: Any problem areas?

Me: We can’t seem to pin down a consistent napping schedule. We follow a routine in which she’s generally ready for a nap two-three hours after waking from sleep, but the length of her naps vary. I blame any number of things, but the number one culprit is usually that she has to poop! At least she gets a decent nights sleep.

Me: What’s next for Molly?

Me: Well, we’re well into introducing solids using the Baby Led Weaning method. It’s going very well! And just today we noticed the beginnings of a tooth! Her gums are starting to split a bit. Thankfully so far teething for her hasn’t been a horrible experience. She’s also trying to master the mechanics of crawling and pulling herself up! A lot of learning! No wonder she can’t sleep during the day!

Me: Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself…

Me: I really am! I’ve waited my whole life for this, to be a mom, and it’s more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

Me: Thanks for talking with me today.

Me: My pleasure. You’re quite lovely to talk with.

Me: Why thank you…

Me: No,thank you!

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