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Friday Ramblings

February 22, 2013

On The Baby…

Molly gifted me with four hours of nap time yesterday!! FOUR!! Unheard of. I usually only get 2-3 hours from her. I got a ton done and both of us were in good spirits.
It’s bit that she’s a difficult baby when she’s awake. Quite the opposite. But when she doesn’t nap long I have to balance spending time with her and getting things done around the house. I’d rather get stuff done while she sleeps and focus my attention on her when she’s awake. Though I have to say, she’s quite the independent player!

On Operation Organize…

The thing about organizing is that once you start it tends to spiral out of control. My ideas just keep getting bigger and bigger! I’m trying my best not to spend money doing it and use what I have around the house, but sometimes that doesn’t work. For example, photos. I have a ton of the little albums, only slightly bigger than 4×6 inches. They’re hard to store on shelves. I also have a ton of photos not in albums. Enter the need for new albums. I lucked out at Homesense and found four faux leather black albums that hold 500 photos each! They’ll save me a ton of space. Now I need to organize my loose photos, and also take the opportunity to print some off. Ever since I went digital I don’t print pics anymore. I’m going to go through various events over the past few years and print off a selection. It’s going to take some time! Because I’m anal, I’m not going to be able to put anything in the albums until everything is organized chronologically.

On Our Anniversary…

Next Sunday (March 3rd) is our first wedding anniversary!! How crazy is that? To celebrate we’ve booked a little weekend getaway for the three of us. For web privacy purposes I’ll fill you in in the details after we get back, but I’m super excited for it!!

On I Forgot To Post This Earlier…

Yup. Sounds about right.

Happy Friday everyone! (I just wrote happy birthday. Is it bed time yet?)

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