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Weekend Wind-Up

February 11, 2013


Wow! Did we ever get a lot of snow on Friday! And boy am I ever thankful to my husband for shovelling us out!!

The snow kept us housebound for most of the day. A’s work generously let them off at noon when it wasn’t letting up, so the three of us chilled for the afternoon. But since we had very little in the way of food and were facing a dinner of perogies (tasty but not as nutritious as I’d like), we decided to venture out and brave the two minute drive to my parents. It was fun, since our streets hadn’t been plowed yet but we made it there and back again (though coming back we borrowed my parent’s truck) safe and sound!

Saturday arrived with sun and blue skies. The plows still hadn’t come around so we used the truck to run some errands. We had a nice lunch out at Extreme Pita, then hit up Walmart for baby gates, diapers and toilet paper. Molly is starting to figure out the mechanics of crawling, though she’s yet to actually crawl. I’d say she’ll be doing it by seven months, so I want to be prepared with gates in place. Plus, my sister will be bringing CK over more often to get him used to it here and he’s definitely on the move!
After puttering around a bit more, we headed to my parents to drop off Molly and I. My sister was there with her kiddies and we had a nice afternoon with our mom and dad. A came back for dinner, as did my sisters in-laws, since we were celebrating her birthday! After a roast chicken dinner and birthday cake, we packed ourselves up and headed home…still in the truck as my parents steer still wasn’t plowed!

Sunday morning I left Molly with a for an hour and headed off to do a little shopping for her. I found some great deals at Bonnie Togs, picking up some tops for $2.99 each! I have tons of clothes from my sister, but a lot of the tops won’t fit; Molly is long in the torso. I also picked her out an adorable dress to wear for her six month photos.
The photo shoot itself went well (we went to Loblaws)…as well as it can with a six month old 🙂

And that was pretty much it! We’re having a low key day today, just playing together and me trying to get the baby to sleep longer than half an hour! Teething may be the culprit today. I just gave her Tylenol and she’s in a better mood already!

Enjoy your week!



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