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February 9, 2013

As I mentioned the other day, the basement sofa is crying out for new cushions. The ones it came with are ok, but kind of boring in terms of colour. I need a little more pop in a cushion. This is before (ignore the disorderly bookcase…organization is in progress):

_DSC3352 (848x1280)

A close up of the old pillow fabric:

_DSC3359 (1280x848)


Not horrible, but not what I had envisioned, particularly after buying the fabric for the laundry room at IKEA.  I brought out Old Faithful, my Singer sewing machine c. mid-late 1970’s handed down from my mom and got to work.

_DSC3344 (1280x848)


Here is the end result:

_DSC3356 (1280x848)

I used the pillow inserts from the old cushions and used the old covers to measure how big to make these.

_DSC3353 (848x1280)

I’m super happy with how they turned out! And easy to make while Molly was playing on the floor beside me. Here they are with the art I made. Better, right?

_DSC3358 (1280x848)

Definitely more ‘pop’!!

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