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Laundry Room Fabric Panel

February 5, 2013

When we were renovating the basement last summer (and by we I mean A and our dads), there was the matter of the pesky, unattractive but essential electrical panel to deal with. Ours is situated right next to the dryer in the laundry room, so there was no tucking it away out of sight. Since it needs to be accessible, a hole was cut out of the drywall.

_DSC3330 (1280x848)

We talked about making a door to hang over it, but that seemed kind of blah. Then we thought about hanging a picture or a mirror over it, but there was the matter of the dimensions to consider. Something would have to be custom made and a picture or mirror would be expensive.

Then A came up with a brilliant idea! A fabric panel, reminiscent of the one we made and hung in the stairwell. It’s easily customizable as far as size goes, it’s light and easy to take down for access to the panel, and it’s decorative.

He’s so smart 🙂

_DSC3329 (1280x848)


_DSC3331 (848x1280)

It took me awhile to find a fabric I liked at a decent price, but we finally hit the jackpot at IKEA. It’s white with a bold geometric/floral pattern in black, cream, grey and purple. $7.99 a metre! Can’t go wrong! I like the fabric so much, I’m going to use what’s left to make pillows for the basement sofa.

_DSC3332 (848x1280)

We still need to put up cupboards of some sort and description so that I can tuck away all my laundry soaps. Slowly but surely, things are coming together!

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  1. February 5, 2013 1:31 pm

    I love – soooooo many fun print to choose from!

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