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Friday Ramblings

January 31, 2013

Ugh, could I be more boring lately? Sorry about that friends but January has not been kind to us health-wise and I’ve been in a bit of a fog since Christmas when I had illness one of the three that have plagued me in the past month. I’m hoping things will pick up this month!

TGIF (in this case F is doing double duty and were thankful it’s February too!)!!

On the Baby…

Molly is awesome! She came through her first stomach flu no worse for wear and is diving head first (sometimes literally) into trying to crawl. I adore watching her try to coordinate bringing her legs and arms up at the same time. She most often ends up scrunching up her legs with her face on the ground, but pushes forward anyways. Last night we watched her moving like a seal on her belly, using her arms to swizzle and turn towards her goal. Very soon we’ll have to baby proof and buy some gates!

I’m not sure if it was the residual effects of the two of us being sick, but we had some sleep issues this week. For two nights in a row Molly was up every 3-4 hours, a change from her usual 8-10 hour stretch after she goes to bed. It’s been hard on me when I’m used to getting a more solid sleep. I’m guessing she was refueling after not eating very much for a few days and helping me boost my supply after I didn’t eat or drink much for a few days. She’s also been protesting falling asleep on her own, but the last couple of nights have been better. She’s only woken up once, around 3-4am. She isn’t falling back asleep nursing though, but I put her in her crib awake and she settled herself back to sleep. Whew!

Naps are a different story and have been an issue since before she got sick. 45-60 min at a time, about three times a day. I’d really love a longer stretch in the afternoon, because she’s extremely tired by dinnertime. I’m guessing though that there’s just too much happening in her little brain to want to sleep any longer! Six months is apparently a huge time developmentally for babies, so we’ll just have to ride it out.

On Organizing…

I am on a mission to de-clutter. I’m a self proclaimed pack rat. I keep everything! But babies come with lots of stuff, no matter much you try to minimize it and we need room to grow. Over the past few days I’ve been going through countless boxes and baskets, tossing out the likes of old ticket stubs, pamphlets collected from vacations past and trinkets kept from my childhood that no longer hold much meaning. The irony of organizing is that it creates more of a mess than what you started with, so our basement (Organization Zone) is a shambles! My current project is to go through ALL of my music CD’s, make sure they’re all imported to itunes and then toss out the ones that aren’t really that important to me (ie. Boy Zone…not even sure how that ended up in my library). It’s a hoot though, to look back at what I was into back in the day. I confess to owning a Joey Lawrence CD. I had a huge thing for him once.That one I’ll keep, just for kicks.

This de-clutter will be ongoing for some time. There’s only so much time in a day that I can dedicate to it and there’s a whole house to weed through!

On My Stupid Computer…

Ok, it’s not stupid. It’s a nice computer really (it was my hubby’s and he’s into computers so of course it’s nice). Except for the fact that one of the hard drives broke last week. The hard drive that contains alllllll of my pictures. The pictures that I haven’t backed up since the end of October and deleted off my camera SD card in early December. The pictures from Halloween and all of November that are now forever lost unless we either a) fork over $650 to have a recovery attempted (no guarantee) or b) find someone cheaper (though even a couple hundred cheaper is still expensive). I just have to come to terms with the loss of those pictures. I can download some off of Facebook and some I had uploaded to Costco’s website, but the original high res files are gone. I cried when I found out but am less sad as days pass. My next organizing project is to develop some pictures, needless to say.

I thought I had more to add but I’m drawing a complete blank! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here’s hoping the groundhog gives us the all clear for an early spring tomorrow!

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