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One Day

January 17, 2013

The other day, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a typical day in my life with Molly. Turns out it wasn’t such a typical day after all!!

7:10am – Molly starts to stir. I get up, use the washroom and get dressed

7:20 – I go in to get the baby. She’s excited to see me! Since she slept through the night, she needs to be fed, stat

7:35 – She has quick feed because I had a ton of milk. Time to change her bum! While doing that, A comes up to say good bye before heading to work

7:45 – Time for my breakfast! We head downstairs. I pop Molly in the exersaucer and while making my breakfast (cold oatmeal with milk, yogurt and banana and of course, a coffee) call my sister to see how her night was. Not good apparently. Both her kiddies were up and we ponder if CK is going through a growth spurt, because he nursed so much through the night.

7:50-8:20 – I eat my breakfast watching an episode of Stargate while Molly has independent play.

8:20- Molly starts to let me know she’s ready to go back to bed (lots of mmmmmm and rubbing of the eyes). I take her up to nurse

8:20-8:40 – She nurses and drifts off fairly easily. I put her down a little bit awake but she rolls right over onto her tummy and goes to sleep.

8:40 – I grab a shower and get somewhat dressed in yoga pants.

8:50 – I consider my next move…dishes? Laundry? Nah. I’m tired and feeling a bit fuzzy in the head (sinuses) so I decide to relax and watch some TV. Though I do remember to take something out for dinner.

9:16 – a noise from the monitor. Molly shifts positions…is she waking up?

9:18 – nope

9:21 – she shifts again. Wake up may be imminent.

9:28 – more shifting. Snorting (she has a cold)

9:46 – she’s still sleeping. Thinking I should have napped too.

10:01 – she’s awake but has yet to call out for me. I’ll wait until she does

10:06 – I go get my monkey

10:17 – Get Molly dressed for the day

10:20-10:46 – I plop her on the floor of our bedroom with some toys so I can make the bed and put away some laundry. I call my mom and we chat while I putter

10:46 – someone’s hungry! We head to the basement for a feed (recliners!)

10:51 – finished nursing! She gets a lot in a short time. I can pump four oz in five minutes in the morning if I’m too full and she’s not up yet

10:52 – time to play for a bit, together on the floor

11:10 independent play time, with intermittent interaction with me while I clean the kitchen

11:18 – and we’re done playing on our own

11:20 – my sister calls and we chat while I play with Molly

11:30 – time for another feed

11:35 – that was short lived. Play on my lap for a bit, then back to the floor.

11:56 – ready for another nap! Upstairs we go to nurse. She knows that when we nurse in her room, it’s time to sleep.

12:01 – eyes are closed, still nursing though

12:13 – and she’s out. Not even a peep as I laid her down. Time for me to have lunch! Avocado egg salad sandwich. Yum!

12:57 – well that was short lived. I manage to eat and get the kitchen almost tidied before she wakes up!

1:20 – after a bum change and a quick nurse, I decide we should get out of the house! Off to the grocery store we go!

2:36 – I get home from groceries and check my phone, to find two missed calls and a text from my hubby saying his sister had her baby just over an hour ago!! We have a new nephew!! What a fun day to track what I’m doing!

2:55 – Molly is awake (she fell asleep for like 20 minutes on our way home) and we’re just trying to figure out if we’ll drive to see his sister tonight or tomorrow. She’s two hours east of us, but with Molly it may take a bit longer.

2:55- 3:08 play time with the wee one until I remember I have groceries that need refrigeration.

3:15 – and we’re going to Kingston!

3:26 – get the baby and myself changed for the drive. Her in a pair of sleepers, me in comfy stretchy jeans.

3:35 – we are on the road!

4:07 – baby is asleep. The circumstances of our trip have us talking about the timing of having another baby…the consensus: not quite yet!

6:00 – we arrive at the hospital in Kingston

6-7:30 – visit with A’s family and meet our new nephew! Try and get the Molly to nurse, several times but there’s too much going on

7:45-8:00 – feed Molly in the car. It’s often the easiest location.

8:00 – we get back on the road

8:05 – Molly falls asleep

8:57 – stop in Trenton to use the bathroom and feed Molly (she wakes as we stop)

9:13 – back on the road;
Molly’s grumbling but not crying

9:19 – all is quiet in the backseat

10:15 – we arrive home, just in time because Molly wakes up. I take her upstairs to nurse

10:46 – and she’s out! This time for good. She went into her crib without protest and immediately rolled over onto her tummy to sleep. I won’t hear from her again until 7am

And there ends a not so typical day. We’re thrilled about our new nephew and can’t wait to see A’s family again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks!

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