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Weekend Wind-Up

January 14, 2013

We started off with good intentions: we had planned a joint birthday celebration for Saturday night, where both our families would get together for a home cooked meal at my parents house.
But then the plague that is the stomach flu stuck my family. First my nephew, then my sister, my brother-in-law, and because she was helping out my sister while she was ill, my mom. (A had what we thought was food poisoning earlier this week but it could very well have been the same bug! So far Molly and I have escaped the plague’s wrath. Knock on wood it stays that way!).

After a phone call from my mom on Friday night, letting us know she was down for the count, we decided to bring the party to us. Early Saturday morning I picked up the food she’d planned on cooking (no point in it going to waste) and spent the rest of the day getting ready!

There was cleaning to be done, and cooking of course, but the best part of my day, aside from the actual dinner, was the cake decorating (see yesterday’s post)!

A’s family arrived shortly before three and everyone congregated in the basement (our shelves are up! Pics soon!) while I finished prepping dinner. Our menu included slow cooker roast, slow cooker ribs, roasted potatoes and steamed carrots. There was enough meat to feed an army, but since it had already been frozen and thawed, it had to be cooked. My Dad was able to make it for dinner, though he has since caught the plague too.

Dinner was fantastic! I was especially proud about the ribs. They were fantastic, a relief as I’ve never cooked them before.
Everyone left shortly after dessert, which worked out well because all the attention has left our miss Molly one tired girl! It took a little but longer than usual for her to settle (partly my fault…I sneezed partway through our nursing session, jolting her awake. I tried to hold it in but feared a brain aneurism. I’m not a quiet sneezer) but she was out by 8:30. A hot bath and a bit of reading later and it was time for me to hit the sack.

Sunday morning was a bit lazy, but since the weather was so mild (10 degrees Celsius! In January!), we decided to go out for the afternoon. We had no particular purpose, but ended up getting a new shower curtain rod (a curved I one), new curtain hooks, a silicone spatula and a couple of pairs of pants for A. Molly was her usual golden self, napping most of the time (check out the picture below. She has a death grip on her hanging toy, even in sleep). She’s really great now being in her carrier when awake though. She loves to watch and listen.

We relaxed when we got home and once the baby was in bed (by 8pm yahoo!), A and I played some WIi together.

A busy weekend but a great one. For us at least. I feel for my flu stricken family. Get better soon you guys! I miss you in an ‘I really don’t want to see you so that we don’t catch your germs’ kind of way 😉


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