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Weekend Wind-Up

January 5, 2013

Saturday was awesome!

Shortly before noon, we gathered ourselves together, borrowed my parent’s truck and headed off to IKEA! There were a number of things on my list, including several Billy bookcases to install in the basement and a change table for Molly (we got the $30 one). I thought I’d be more comfortable changing her on the floor, but it’s not as easy on my body as it used to be.

Old much?

Several hundred $$ later, we were back home in time to get ready for date night! Since it was my birthday last Friday and since A’s birthday is this Thursday AND since it’s the two year anniversary of the day we met the day after that, we thought it would be the perfect time to have our first evening out together without the baby.

And by evening I mean a couple of hours.

Starting at 5pm. We had to time things so that I was back in time to nurse her to sleep.

Whatever, WE WENT OUT!

Cast aside were my runners, yoga pants, the diaper bag and hair elastic. Instead I donned my cute slouchy heeled boots, skinny jeans, transferred my wallet to my favourite leather bag I bought in Italy and let my hair hang free.

My parents arrived to watch our little miss and after making sure she was well fed, off we went. Our original destination was the Keg for a yummy steak dinner, but when we got there (at 5pm) it was jam packed with a 45-60 minute wait! Apparently people in my town haven’t caught onto the sophistication of Toronto, where people eat much later than that. There was no way we could wait that long and then have to wait for our meal, so we headed off to Safari. Happily it was almost completely empty, which actually made it a more cozy atmosphere. We could actually hear ourselves talk. And talk we did, with nothing baby related on the agenda!

We arrived back home after a couple of hours to find our girl happily playing with Poppy. I was so happy to see her!

So far that’s the longest I’ve been away from her. I missed her of course, but it felt great to have a couple hours of ‘us’.

Sunday was just as busy, though more so around home. While A and my dad retrofitted the IKEA shelves we bought (our ceiling drops so they needed a little bit chopped off the top), Molly and I tackled taking down Christmas. Until next year…

And here it is, already Tuesday! I tried posting yesterday but my computer has been freezing lately. Not sure what’s up with that but it’s incredibly annoying!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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