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12 Days of Baking Day 7 – Coconut Lemon Bars

December 19, 2012

There’s a misconception floating around about me. There is a common held belief amongst people that know me that chocolate is my favourite flavour.

I would like to state for the record that this is not entirely accurate. In fact, if I’m given a choice, chocolate would most likely be the last thing I would choose. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate treats, and I won’t turn one down if it’s offered, but I much prefer vanilla, strawberry and most especially lemon flavoured goodies.

So this next treat I chose to bake for the holidays, is right up my alley!

Coconut Lemon Bars.


The addition of the coconut makes for a truly sinful treat, at least for me 🙂

They were really easy to pull together, and I didn’t have to use my mixer! Manpower all the way. The recipe suggests baking for 20 minutes, but true to form, my oven needs a bit more time and I had them in there for 27 minutes in order to get the golden brown top.

_DSC2804 (1280x848)

Can’t wait to sample a few more of these after dinner tonight (I did of course sacrifice myself and had to try it to make sure it tasted ok…note to everyone, wait until they are completely cool before you try and take one out of the pan…the bottom layer is a bit crumbly when warm!).

_DSC2810 (1280x848)


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