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Friday Ramblings

November 30, 2012

On How The Week Flew By…

I fully intended to write a weekend wind-up this week. We a really had a busy one! But then this (Molly) and that (Molly) happened and it got put on the back burner, as things seem to these days 🙂

On The Baby…

My baby’s had a cold this week. Poor thing! She was inconsolable at lunch on Tuesday when I went down to work for a visit. She is never, ever like that! She wouldn’t even nurse (she did later on, thank goodness)! A visit to the doctor on Wednesday confirmed a virus, which I was fairly certain it was, but I’m happy to have ruled out anything else it might have been.
Luckily her sleep at night hasn’t changed though mine has; I’m on high alert for any discomfort she might be in, not to mention she’s chosen this week to start sleeping on her tummy. Oh Molly! You keep mommy on her toes!

On Babies and Sleep…

A few months ago I wrote about the kind of parent I want to be. I had always said that though I had some notion of how I would care for Molly, I would be definitely keeping an open mind to various alternatives if what we tried didn’t work for us. I’m so glad I have that attitude, because it turns out there are things I said I would do that I no longer want to or haven’t tried. Pumping and having A feed Molly is one of those (where can I fit in pumping amongst everything else?), and I had always intended to encourage Molly to fall asleep on her own, as opposed to on the breast.


Oh she’ll do it now and then; she’ll pull herself off and settle into a deep sleep and very occasionally I can put her down awake and she’ll drift off on her own. But more often than not I nurse her to sleep. It works for us right now and I’m not anxious to change until it doesn’t, but me being me, I like to be prepared for what’s to come. I bought the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley the other day in anticipation of the day when nursing her to sleep needs to stop. There are a lot of great tips in there when it comes to babies and sleep and a lot of information about how and why babies sleep in general that I found interesting.

On Christmas…

I sort of started Christmas shopping this week. For the first time ever I have not just one but two stockings to stuff (and A will stuff mine). Stockings are a huge tradition in my family, almost better than opening gifts, and I’m super excited to see how we do and start this as a tradition for our new family! I’ve started picking up things for A as well as joint stuffers (the things that go in both our stockings, like candy canes and Terry’s chocolate oranges). Molly’s stocking won’t be as ‘stuffed’ and will be candy free, but I can’t wait to shop for it too! Even though she has no clue what’s going on, I feel weird buying things for her in her presence. I’ll have to find time to go off on my own at some point.

We’ll be spending Christmas with A’s family this year, my first ever not with my parents and sister. I’ll miss them but am extremely lucky with my in-laws and know I’ll be having a wonderful time with them! And I’m not just saying that because they read my blog 🙂

Besides, it’s Molly’s first Christmas and mine and A’s first as a married couple! As long as they’re with me, Christmas can be anywhere!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. November 30, 2012 10:50 am

    Having a baby is teaching me to go with the flow; that some things just aren’t going to go the way I pictured them. It’s a hard lesson to be learning though (for me).

    It sounds like your Christmas is going to be a lot of firsts 🙂 My first Christmas away from my family was weird, something did feel like it was missing, but it was also nice to find out how Christmas is celebrated in Hubby’s family. I’m excited to start some traditions of our own though!

    And good for you for getting some shopping done. I don’t have anything for anyone. I am hoping to start that very soon!

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