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And Another Anniversary

November 26, 2012

The 26th of November will be forever in our lives a very important day, for a couple of very important reasons.

Reason #1:

On this day last year, this happened:

When we got engaged (see yesterdays post if you missed it), we suspected we were pregnant (my boobs gave it away) but I hadn’t yet taken the test to confirm it. The day after A popped the question, riding an emotional high, I woke up early in the morning and took the test that told us we’d be expecting a little miracle in nine months. Thankfully I’d only had a sip of the champagne we were given as a celebration of our engagement 🙂

As I sit here typing this, with that little miracle sleeping a few feet away, I’m overwhelmed with how blessed our lives have been over the past year.

Reason #2:

Three years ago today my sister and her husband welcomed my niece, CJ, to the world. To say that she’s a joy is an understatement. Our lives would be dim without her. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl! Aunt Chrissie, Uncle A and Molly love you!

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