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Saturday Night

November 18, 2012

It’s Saturday night. I’m in bed, as is Molly. A is downstairs doing his thing for a bit.
Not that unusual except for the fact that tonight is the first night Molly is sleeping in her own room!
The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends keeping your baby in the same room with you until they’re six months old, but there are a number of reasons we decided to do it sooner:

1. Molly is becoming increasingly sensitive to noise. The floors in our room have the worst creaks imaginable and it’s impossible to sneak over them. At night it feels like the sound is amplified, tenfold. A has actually been brushing his teeth in Molly’s bathroom, so he doesn’t have to walk over the floors to ours when he comes to bed. If she’s at that point in her sleep cycle where she’s not completely out, she’ll wake up. And that’s no fun for any of us!

2. The weight limit for the bassinet component of the pack and play is 15 pounds and our little eater is just about there, if not already. That means we’d have to lower the base, pretty much to the floor and bending down that far to put a sleeping baby in just isn’t appealing right now. I’m sure it’s not a huge issue, the weight thing, but the way she kicks it (see below) freaks me out a bit.

3. Molly is very noisy when waking up. She thrashes her head back and forth. She kicks her feet down into the mattress (which, in the pack and play, is a thin layer of foam over a board…it’s loud!). She grunts and breathes heavily. She will literally turn a full 90 degrees from the position I put her down in, she moves that much. I will probably get a good extra half hour of sleep if she’s not in our room!
And I really hope that by not hearing her little noises subconsciously while I am sleeping, my nightmares of her being in our bed and suffocating under the covers will ease up. Not fun waking up thinking that, let me tell you!

4. We’re starting to implement a more consistent bedtime routine and I want her to get used to that routine in her room. We both give her a bath (every other night right now, soon every night), A reads her a story (so cute) and then I nurse her until she’s asleep, which I don’t mind doing for now. I’ve read a lot about it and believe that soothing your baby with your breast is natural and normal at this age. It’s the original pacifier! We only give her an actual pacifier if we’re out and about and I can’t feed her right away (lifesaver in the car) or if she’s being particularly stubborn going to sleep. Sometimes I get frustrated and need a break and a chance to regroup. A will step in, rock her and give her the pacifier. Sometimes she takes it and sleeps, sometimes she doesn’t, but by then I’m ready to step back in. I’m not overly worried about it becoming too much of a habit right now, her nursing to sleep. Half the time she’ll pull off and then fall asleep on my nursing pillow. And sometimes in the night she’ll soothe herself back to sleep (without crying!), so she’s learning the skills she needs to eventually be able to go to sleep on her own.

5. I feel like she’s at a good age where she’ll still sleep anywhere and isn’t too used to being in our room yet. I’m hoping the transition will be easier than if she was a bit older. We might be ofd to a good start: I napped her in her room this afternoon and she slept for 3.5 hours!!

Fingers are crossed it goes well! I’ll definitely be writing about it on Monday. Did I mention our baby monitor stopped working today? Yeah. great timing huh? I moved it from our room to hers and it suddenly refused to link with the parent units. I’ve emailed the tech support people but of course they’re not available on weekends. We’ll manage without it but I’d hoped to have it as insurance that I actually hear her if she wakes in the night. Her room isn’t that far away, but hey, I’m a FTM (first time mom) and I’m still getting used to what my mommy instincts are capable of.

So here’s hoping tonight goes well! I miss her, but feel good about the transition, for all of us.

Wish us luck!

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