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Friday Ramblings

November 8, 2012

On the Baby…

Baby is currently napping, which is giving mama a rare chance to actually write a post on her laptop as opposed to tapping it out single handed-ly on the iphone 🙂

Molly is fabulous! I hate to brag but we have a really great baby on our hands. She’s rarely fussy, has been sleeping through the night for over a week now and is content to play on her own (as long as I check in) so that I can eat/do the dishes/put laundry in etc. A and I are both terrified for when she starts teething in earnest (the process has begun according to the amount that she drools, but she’s not in any sort of discomfort yet)…maybe she’ll be one of those babies whose teeth just magically appear! Ha!

On the US Election…

Congrats to the US on your presidential election! Despite living in another country entirely, we of course knew all about it. So many of my favourite shows have been preempted over the past few weeks because of the debates and you wouldn’t believe the coverage our Canadian media gave Election Day itself (not to mention the political ads on US stations…cheese and toast!)! You’d think it was the fate of our government in question, but then in a way it was I guess. We so often follow the US’s lead and are impacted by decisions made there.

On What Feels Like The Best Thing To Happen To Us Since Molly Was Born…

Our new couch arrived! It’s so pretty. And my goodness, have we ever waited for it! We ordered the first one over four months ago. Four. Months. Dude!We celebrated with pizza, cheesecake and I even had a small glass of wine 🙂 Of course as fate would have it (or rather as Molly would have it), someone took forever to go to bed last night and so I got to sit on our new couch for a total of 10 minutes. Ah well!

Not the best picture ever. It came with the pillows, which I am not a fan of (too beige) and fully intend to replace some day. I also need to figure out a table solution. Since it’s a recliner, the regular sized coffee table we have is not practical. I’m considering one of those fabric covered cubes that has the reversible top…one side soft, the other a tray. It can be pulled to the middle, which doesn’t recline and easily moved to the side when we’re not using it.

On Costly Crafts…

I saw this neat craft that involved spray painting large Styrofoam balls and hanging them like ornaments. I had thought to create a whole string of them to put up around our porch for Christmas. But do you know how much large Styrofoam balls cost?? Like $30!!! That’s ridiculous. I wonder if I could make them using paper mache….hmmm….

And my wee munchkin is starting to stir, which means I need to get going! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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