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Friday Ramblings

November 2, 2012

On The Baby…

Well Molly is definitely getting the hang of sleeping through the night! Several times this week she slept from 10pm until 8!! Sheer bliss. Last night she went down just after 8pm, woke at 1am and then slept until 8am. Not bad!

On Netflix…

Netflix kicks ass! I’ve hooked up our laptop to the TV and have spent the last few days watching Sliders. Remember that show? Mid nineties, Jerry O’Connell? Love it!
There are so many shows/movies we want to watch! I’m keeping an eye on how much of our downloadable limit it uses so that we don’t go over. So far so good!

On Losing Weight…

Things are going well! Another pound or so has been lost. I had some Halloween candy on Wednesday but didn’t over do it. Thank goodness for the extra weekly points! It’s so much better to have a little bit of a treat when you want it than to completely resist and overdo it when you finally cave. I find a few chocolate chips or a granola bar manages to satisfy any sweet tooth I may have.

Happy Friday!


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