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Weekend Wind-Up

October 29, 2012

I just spent five minutes trying to remember what we did this weekend.
And I’m not even tired! It’s just the way things are now. My super amazing memory is a thing of the past!

Let’s see….Friday night we took Molly for her first dinner at Swiss Chalet. It was a quick meal; she was tired and hungry by the time we finished eating. I tried feeding her in the restaurant but she was way too wiggly to get comfortable and so we signalled for the check!

Saturday was cleaning and errands day. Nothing really special but we did try out Zip movies for the first time. All the movie stores in our area have closed down and On Demand movies can be astronomical in cost ($8 for a new release in HD), so we went to the Zip kiosk at the grocery store close to us. We rented 21 Jump Street (fun movie! I was entertained) for only $2 for one night! Excellent alternative to On Demand!

Sunday arrived all too fast but we had a great day at the first birthday party for M1’s little girl! It made me feel old though. All of us who went to high school together are all married with kids now (I was the last of our group). So weird!
She had it at a local play centre, which is a brilliant idea. Tons of room and toys for kids to play with and even Molly had fun! We put her in an exersaucer for the first time and she loved it!
We finished up there, stopped home for a bit and then went to my parents for supper. Scalloped potatoes and ham!

Sunday was my weight watchers cheat day. I pretty much used up all of the extra weekly points I was given, what with birthday cupcakes (excellent job M1!!!) and the yummy dessert my mom made. But it’s all good and I’m back to healthier choices today!

But the highlight of the weekend was seeing our little miss roll over for the first time (back to tummy)!!!! A and I were sitting on the couch Sunday morning, watching her play on her mat. She has been trying for a few days to roll but her arm kept getting in the way. Well she finally got enough momentum and figured out how to move her arm and over she went! It was awesome! We’re such proud parents 🙂

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!





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