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Weekend Wind-Up

October 22, 2012

I started out this weekend with a promise to myself: on Monday I will start a healthier eating plan! It’s time for the rest of the weight I gained during my pregnancy to start coming off. I know that some women embrace the extra pounds they maintain after the birth of their children as a badge of honour but I just can’t. I’ve been the same weight and size since high school and it’s really hard for me. We’re talking an extra 20 pounds here. I don’t feel good about myself physically, and it’s important that I do in order to be a good mom.
To help keep me on track, and to help me lose at a safe pace (a pound a week) to protect my milk supply since I exclusively breast feed, I’ve joined Weight Watchers online! Tracking what I eat will help keep me accountable and make healthy food choices. The best part is that they calculate the allowable points per day based on the fact that I’m nursing, ensuring the extra calories needed are there. My sister has joined too, which is fun. It’s always great to have a buddy!

And so, I did what anybody would do before embarking on a healthy eating plan: I had a last supper. A picked up pizza and a bottle of pop on Friday night for dinner. And for dessert? Key lime pie. Yum! We shared that pie the rest of the weekend, which turned out to be us laying low.

I was tired because I’m on antibiotics (turns out I did have mastitis…my left breast started hurting last Monday. It’s feeling so much better!) and A must have been fighting something because he was dragged down as well. Other than the obligatory cleaning and what seems to be daily load of laundry, we spent our time watching movies (I watched Post Grad and The Switch), playing video games (we had a joint game of Minecraft going), caring for the baby and eating pie. Oh and we went for a long walk! The weather was nice on Sunday so we packed Molly up in the stroller and headed up to the store for some groceries (only a 15 minute walk there).

Life with a baby seems to have sped up the passage of time. She’ll be 11 weeks on Wednesday! How crazy is that? We’re all doing really well. I’m starting the process this week of getting her used to sleeping in her crib. Just during the day for now. Soon enough I’ll be ready for her to sleep there at night, but for now I’m content with her in her pack and play next to our bed. I still have nightmares that she’s in bed with us, lost and suffocating under the covers, which is odd because she has never slept with is. I’m assuming it’s because I can subconsciously hear her making noise in my sleep. I’m hoping that once she’s in her own room that those dreams will stop. They’re very disconcerting! What’s weird is that A has them too.

And that’s about it for now! I’m off to do some chores while the wee one naps. Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

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