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Friday Ramblings…on Saturday

September 29, 2012

On Blogging…

When it comes to prioritizing what I do with my time, spending time with my daughter is my number one job. All else comes second!

Still, I miss creating posts in my head, of doing things to share with y’all. But my absence is for the greater good! Once Molly is on more of a schedule (and actually naps for more than an hour during the day), I’ll be able to write a little more freely.
In the meantime, I’ll write what I can, when I can, and enjoy the time I have with Molly. She’ll only be this young once!

On The Baby…

A and I are lucky to have been blessed with an extremely good baby. She’s quite active, in that she’s alert most of the day, is quick to kick off her blankets and wiggles while feeding (behaviour deemed “challenging” by What To Expect The First Year) but has only had one major meltdown in her 7.5 weeks and on the whole has an amazingly sweet temperament. I think we’ve managed to decipher her “code” of what sounds mean what. Funny enough I watched a You Tube video this week if this woman who has identified the five universal words all babies use. She was on Oprah.
I see these in Molly, which is neat.

On The Avengers…

I came home with a copy of the Avengers on Thursday. So did A, haha! So we took advantage of our little miss going to sleep at 7:30 to watch it! What an awesome movie! Highly entertaining and some really great effects. I love that whole franchise (Robert downy jr? yum!)! And it was great to spend some baby-free time with my hubby ๐Ÿ™‚

On Post Baby Me…

I’ve been feeling a little bit like a raga-muffin lately. My pre-pregnancy pants don’t fit, so I’m still wearing my maternity jeans when I go out (at home it’s yoga pants baby!),I’m limited in tops to wear because I’m nursing (and my boobs are gigantic), my hair will not cooperate and I’m sweating up a storm on a daily basis (hormones are still regulating I guess). Ew. But steps are being taken! I worked out a few times this week (between the elliptical and walks), which feels great, and on Monday Molly and I are meeting up with my friend L to shop! Even though I am a ways from my pre-pregnancy weight, it’ll make me feel heaps better to have non-maternity and nursing clothes that fit.

And now I shall sign off. A piece of cake awaits me! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Ours is going by way too fast! But then, time seems to have sped up since Molly arrived. I’ve heard that happens when you have a baby ๐Ÿ™‚

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