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Weekend Wind-Up

September 17, 2012

Saturday was great! We had no plans and liked it that way. We didn’t even have any errands to run, so we spent a cozy day at home, being the homebodies we so love to be.

One of my goals was to start organizing our office. I bought a new filing cabinet the other day, along with a slew of file folders. Once Molly went down for a marathon nap (which btw, she only seems to do on weekends!), I got started. I’ve developed a system of categories and sub-categories to keep track of all our paperwork. I still have a lot of piles to go through, but I have my system down so it should be easy to move forward. Assuming I get the time to do it! There’s no rush though.

Before dinner on Saturday (pizza!), the three of us went for a walk. The weather was lovely! Fall is starting to make its presence known and I couldn’t be happier! My hormones haven’t settled yet and I still find myself incredibly hot now and then. Ugh! I hate sweating. The cooler weather is very much welcome!

That night we rented Wrath of the Titans to watch. It was decent. Lots of action and an interesting storyline. Greek mythology has always interested me. It may mark me as a nerd to admit it, but I was an avid watcher of Hercules (Kevin Sorbo, swoon!) and Xena back in the day. Loved those shows!

Sunday morning I made us a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs before doing some tidying up. That afternoon we had a visit from my friend M, her hubby and their son, who is almost exactly a year older than Molly, and is her future husband!
M was kind enough to bring us not only dinner, which was super tasty, but dessert too! My craving for sweets has been off the wall lately, which is odd. Usually I crave salty. Ah hormones.

After dinner, I sat down with Molly to watch a movie while I fed her. We watched What To Expect When You’re Expecting. It was ok. My favorite part was the speech by Elizabeth Smart’s character, admitting that despite all her best efforts to enjoy it, pregnancy sucked. But when she gave birth she finally found the famed ‘glow’. Her baby 🙂 Totally rang true for me! Pregnancy wasn’t my favorite (I probably would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been for the chronic ligament pain) but the end result was worth it.

And now we’re in the midst of settling our little miss for the night. She’s been feeding a lot, and I have the feeling we’re starting another growth spurt!

Tomorrow I have my six week check up! I’m hoping to get the all clear to exercise and, um, do other activities we’re anxious to get back to. I have the elliptical trainer all set up in the basement, ready to go. I just have to work it into my days. Even if it’s just 10-15 minutes to start, that’ll be great!

Hope you had a great night (I’m writing this Sunday night but will post it Monday morning)!

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  1. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    September 17, 2012 2:28 pm

    So looking forward to having a baby as easy as Molly! Yay for six week check up 🙂

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