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September 6, 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted yet this week, but Molly has her first cold! She has a stuffy nose, poor thing. She has no fever or cough, which is great and she’s not overly fussy, but her sniffles keep waking her up which means I’m up and that makes for a tired Mama and baby! Consequently we’ve been lying low the past few days and I’ve been sleeping a lot more when she does.

Or rather trying to sleep. She’s quite noisy and since I want to keep her close at hand, I’m easily woken by her sniffs and grunts.
My poor baby 😦

In other news, we had a great long weekend! We weren’t up to very much, as I was pretty exhausted from the feeding frenzy. Luckily she seems to be past that and is no longer searching for the boob every 1/2 hour!

We finished watching Lost! It was excellent. I wasn’t expecting the ending, but am glad that everyone who wanted to be together got to be together (Sawyer and Juliette…le sigh!). We’ve found a new show we both like, but so far there’s only been one season. Franklin and Bash, anyone heard of it?? It’s quite good and stars Breckin Meyer (fan of his for a long time) and Mark Paul Gosselar, whom I LOVE!! Remember him as Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell?? Swoon. (Funily enough, Hubby’s pictures as a teenager strongly resemble Zack…I think it was the hair!). There was a marathon on Bravo on Labour Day, so we recorded the first season and have been watching it this week. Sadly, one season is only 10 episodes, so we’re still on the lookout for a new show, something preferably that’s several seasons in.

And that’s about all I have going on at the moment! Just taking care of my munchkin, and myself.

I think that’s enough, don’t you? 🙂


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  1. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    September 8, 2012 1:55 am

    Sorry she has a cold 😦 Hope everyone feels better soon!!

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