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Molly’s First Week

August 15, 2012

Funny aside before I start this post…most of my blogging over the past week has been done on my iPhone while I feed Molly or wait for her to decide if she’s ready to sleep. Because I is right next to the O on the key pad, I keep typing Milly instead of Molly! I’ve caught it so far, but rest assured if you see Milly, we haven’t gone and changed her name!

As I start writing this (in theory it could take me days to finish), Molly is a week old today! We’ve survived our first week as parents and I’m feeling really great about it!

We started off with some challenges though. Molly developed jaundice while at the hospital. Her levels weren’t high enough to warrant what I call ‘baking’ her under the lamps but it was something we needed to watch. Ordinarily jaundice wouldn’t concern me, as I know many babies who have had it, but one of the main ways for it to leave her body is through her poops and after her first 24 hours, in which she had four huge dirty diapers, she didn’t poop for more than two days!
I’m breast feeding her and though she was latching fairly well, she was quite lackadaisical about it for the first few days and I suppose wasn’t getting enough to motivate those poops. 8 lbs 12 oz at birth, she was 8 lbs 2 oz when we were discharged, a loss of 7.5%. Not much of a concern, but something to watch.

A meeting with the lactation consultant before we left the hospital on Friday was helpful and we left with a plan of action, which included renting a hospital grade breast pump for me to use between feelings to help motivate my milk to come in faster and to feed her every 2-3 hours, even if that meant waking her up (easier said than done…our daughter is like her mama and is resistant to ideas not her own. Hard to force her to eat!). Coming home was fabulous, but we were tired and a bit worried about her eating/pooping etc. We made it through our first night unscathed, but still no poops come Saturday morning.

We had to venture back to the hospital on Saturday for another bilirubin test and another meeting with the lactation consultant to make sure we were on track. And hurrah! My milk had come in! Her bilirubin levels were still on the high side, but still not high enough to re-admit her and put her under the lamps. She’d also lost another ounce. We were told to come back the next day for another test. Sigh.

For the rest of Saturday we followed the same routine, feeding every 2-3 hours, but I didn’t pump as much for the sheer reason that my milk was in. There wasn’t much point! She did much better eating than she had done in the days past and we were feeling good, at the very least about her eating habits.

But then Saturday night arrived and at 3am the demon baby came out. She screamed and screamed and couldn’t be consoled. She has this horrible wail when she’s really upset that breaks my heart (usually her cries sound like a little lamb). Caught in a hormonal swing, I cried right along with her, feeling helpless and frustrated. That is, until we Googled. I was convinced her poops or lack thereof were causing the screaming. A quick Google search came up with a suggestion for helping to move things along in that department. Let’s just say it involved a cotton swab and Vaseline.
I performed the procedure, and not even a minute later we had the results we wanted. And then some! She quieted down after that and blissfully, we all got some rest.

Back at the hospital Sunday morning (we cringe at how much we gave them in parking fees), her bilirubin came back higher than the day before, but still not high enough to bake her. We were sent home with instructions to keep feeding her (duh) and expose her to a little bit of sun. No more hospital visits required! Another bonus: she’d gained an ounce!

With my milk in, and with her having pooped, we felt much better about things. We were further rewarded that night with the poop of all poops. Just when we thought she was done, more would start! It was hilarious. We went through four diapers before it stopped! Never have two people been so happy to see poo! And it’s been good going ever since.

We’ve had great nights since Saturday’s meltdown. She’s been cluster feeding, awake every hour and a half from 1am until 6am or so, which means a tired mama, but if it means she’s pooping to get jaundice out, then I’m ok with that. I have great support from A, from changing her diapers at 3am to getting me a glass of water if I’m thirsty.

Our day time is filled with nursing and napping, yes, but also visiting and outings. We had our well baby check on Monday and she’s back to her discharge weight. With the way she’s eating, she’ll be back up to her birth weight in no time!

A was off this week with the exception of Tuesday and Thursday mornings and we’re very much enjoying our time together as a family. He’s back to work on Monday full time and that means I’m on my own! Luckily my mom is super close by if I need any help.

And there’s our first week! We love having her in our lives so much. She’s really a good baby so far and we of course think she’s just the bees knees. Can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂

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