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Weekend Wind-Up

August 6, 2012






Thats the answer to the question on all your minds: baby yet?

Nope, no baby yet! Three days past our due date. I do have increasingly stronger and more frequent Braxton Hicks and period like cramps. I’m sure I’m in some version of early or pre-labour, but from what I understand, this could last for days!!
I saw my OB this morning and am scheduled for a non-stress test for Thursday, and an induction for Monday if Molly hasn’t arrived at that point. I don’t want to be induced, but I’m becoming more uncomfortable as the days pass and having an end in sight is comforting.

In the meantime, I’m continuing on as best I can in my lumbering state!

On Friday, A was lucky enough to get off early and was home shortly after 2:30. We had some errands to run (Home Depot, our home away from home) and since we found ourselves with another baby free Friday night, decided to have a date night and went out for dinner too! We went to a cute Italian place and I had a super yummy butternut squash agnolotti in a cream sauce with mushrooms and spinach. Good eats!

We got back home in time for my dad to arrive and while we waited for the person who bought A’s old roll top desk from Kijiji, the men puttered in the basement while I puttered on the couch 🙂

Saturday morning loomed and I wasn’t on my a-game that day. Quite achy and uncomfortable. More puttering ensued in the basement (they got our carpet installed!!) while I attempted to go out and get moving but that failed when I couldn’t handle the heat. I was overheating just walking from the car to the store!
Back to the couch it was for me! Happily, there was a marathon of One Born Every Minute on, so I was nicely entertained watching women give birth.
Sadistic, I know.
My mom came over to hang with me and come dinner time the four of us headed to Swiss Chalet.
After dinner, A and I spent the rest of the night watching Lost and then hit the sack!

Sunday we slept in a bit and the men were later getting going. Basically it was just small tasks in the basement to do, nothing major. The pics above show that they’re pretty much done! It’s just a matter of organizing and adding finishing touches now 🙂
They also installed a whole home water filter and last night put crown moulding in Molly’s room. Yay!
I went to the fabric store with my mom, and then later on the afternoon went up to my sisters. My mom took pity on me again (she made us lunch) and invited us for supper. How happy am I my parents live so close?

Monday A and I were organizing demons! Well, A mostly but I did what I could (gave direction where needed. Oh and I cleaned the floors). We moved all the stuff we moved up from the basement that’s been sitting in our dining room and basement for months back downstairs, as well as stuff from upstairs. It’s amazing how empty the rooms feel now!

Late afternoon we went to my sisters to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday. CJ got a little confused and thought it was a party for her (she loves parties!) so it was a joint affair :-). It was such a beautiful night out, weather wise and we were able to spend a good chunk of time outside, a rarity for me these days.

And then it was home to an episode of Lost and then off to bed! We were both pretty exhausted.

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  1. August 8, 2012 10:12 am

    Your basement is looking great!
    I was at the cottage this past weekend, and I kept going over to a neighbour’s cottage (who have wifi) to see if you had the baby 🙂

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