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Friday Ramblings

August 3, 2012

On The Baby…

Another milestone reached: today is my due date! 40 weeks have been reached (and that’s exact, since I know when I conceived)! I’m not surprised I haven’t had the baby yet; I’ve had an inkling for a long time that I’d be overdue. Since my doctor won’t let me go more than 10-14 days over (and that’s with careful monitoring), we will definitely have a baby by the middle of the month! Kind of weird to think about.

A strongly believes I’ll go into labour later this afternoon, just as he’s (hopefully) let off work early 🙂

We’ve started taking steps to move things along naturally, since I want to try and avoid being medically induced if possible. But the reality is that she’ll come when she’s ready! I’m patient, though I’m becoming increasingly more anxious to meet her!

On CJ Is the Cutest…

We had a family dinner at my parents the other night and as usual, CJ stole the show (though CK is a close second! He’s found his voice and is squealing all the time, not to mention rolling over onto his tummy. Can’t believe he’s 4 months!). My favourite moment of the night was when CJ came over to me for ‘hugs’. We had a good squeeze and then she said “I’m the best!”. I looked at my sister and we burst out laughing. Apparently they tell her all the time that she’s the best. She’s taken that to heart it seems 🙂 Such a monkey!!

On Trash TV…

“Maybe getting more cable channels was a mistake”…that was A, a few days ago, as he listened to me go on about another show I’d watched.

It’s true, I’ve been watching a bit more TV than usual. But I’m tired, achy, need frequent breaks in between chores and there is nothing on BUT trashy TV shows during the day. I’ve been watching the likes of A Baby Story, One Born Every Minute, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Rich Groom Poor Groom, Til Debt Do Us Part, Four Houses etc. I get some more ‘educational’ shows in there like Property Virgins, Disaster DIY, My House Your Money, but even those aren’t exactly challenging to my brain.

Ah well. Soon enough I’ll be too tired to even focus on the content of those shows, but they’ll come in handy in the wee hours of the morning when I need something to keep me focused!

On The Basement…

I hope to have pics for you this weekend! The baseboards have been finished, door hardware has been installed…all that remains is to carpet the stairs, put a door on the electrical panel and a number of smaller touch ups. And voila! A finished basement. We’ll be taking our time to get it completely up to speed, but it’ll be functional as a rec room as soon as the couch arrives (on the 8th) and we get the TV installed (we’re moving our 50 inch plasma downstairs and bringing the 37 inch LCD back down to the living room). It’s very exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a long haul and I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful for my husband, not to mention both our dads, for doing this amazing job.

And that’s about all I have to contribute to this Friday’s Ramblings. Not sure what I’m going to get myself into today. I might start on the baby blanket I’m sewing. I might fill in the holes in the baseboards (which requires getting down on my hands and knees, a position I’ve read is great for getting the baby into position). I might take a little walk (though it’s insanely hot outside). Only time, and my energy level, will tell!

Oh and I almost forgot that this is a long weekend here in Ontario! Monday is a Civic Holiday. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, be it a regular length one or a long one, I hope it’s a goody!

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  1. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    August 3, 2012 11:24 am

    So excited for you! Can’t believe that you are 40 weeks already! Wish I’d made it this far and was still your due date twin. Will be thinking of you and waiting for a baby announcement 🙂

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