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Let There Be Light!

July 31, 2012

Last night we hung the lamp in the baby’s room!

The lamp itself was A’s Grandma’s. When he mentioned he wanted to incorporate it into the baby’s room, I was on board even before I knew what it looked like. He makes so few requests as far as how we decorate, I couldn’t possibly say no! Luckily it’s retro look blends well and I think the fact that it’s a ‘swag’ lamp adds a bit of dimension to the room.

The really cool thing about this lamp is that it has three light levels and even on the highest level it casts such a gentle glow. It’ll be perfect for nighttime feedings or times when we’re up with Molly at night and don’t want the glaring overhead light waking her up too much.

Since he had to rewire it, A bought a new switch to make it really easy to turn the lamp on and off. You can see the little grey circle on the table under the lamp; all I need to do is tap it and voila! Let there be light!

Just one more detail to check off our to do list! It does seem to be getting shorter as the days move on 🙂

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