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39 Weeks!

July 29, 2012

How Far Along? – 39 weeks! How crazy is that?

Size of Baby – Still a watermelon, the average weight at around 7 lbs, 20 inches long or so. My guess is that Miss M will weigh in around 8-8.5 pounds and 20-21 inches long.

Gender – It’s a girl!!


Maternity Clothes – I’m just coasting with what I have. I’m mostly wearing my maternity yoga capris, since they’re the most comfortable :)

Stretch Marks – Yup, stretch marks have been found! I’ve moisturized regularly but from what I’ve ready you’ll either get them or you won’t and not much can stop them! Still, I think moisturizing has lessened how many I have. They’ll fade with time. I’m just considering them a badge of honour!

Weight – My weight has plateaued, which is nice. Nothing more gained!

Sleep – Same old story. I sleep for an hour or two, then I’m awake to either pee or get more comfortable. I’ve been having 1-1.5 hour naps in the afternoons. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had to resort to kicking my hubby out of our bed, as a lot of pregnant women end up doing. But I attribute that to the fact that we have a king size bed!

Movement –She’s as active as ever! I’m going to miss her wiggles 🙂

Symptoms – Ligament pain, sleeplessness, achy lower back…

Cravings –Earlier this week I had an intense desire for Oreos. A brought me home some on Tuesday…sadly they didn’t last long. So. Good!

What Do I Miss – Moving without making noise, wearing my wedding rings…

NEW!! What Will I Miss – Molly’s movements, the hair on my legs growing slowly (I think that’s natures way of acknowledging we can’t quite bend like we used to), my clear as can be skin, the sweet parking spots for expectant mothers

Nursery – Pretty much done! We made a trip to IKEA last night and I picked up a little table, and A has rewired the lamp so as soon as we have a chance we can get that done.

Emotions –I’ve been feeling really great. I’m not anxious or worried about Molly’s arrival; I’m completely at peace. I love it!

Best Moment of the Week – My niece sweetly saying “An’ Kissie’s belly is really big” and “Aw, Molly’s really cute”…Thank you CJ, thank you 🙂

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