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Friday Ramblings

July 20, 2012

On The Baby…

38 weeks today and so far no signs that labour is imminent (other than the dream I had last night that I was having contractions and then the ‘bloody show’ appeared…apologies to any dudes reading this, but it happens). But then I know that some women may not experience ANY signs that labour is on it’s way, so I’m basically just going on with my days as if there wasn’t the possibility of going into labour at any moment. I may have dropped (I’ve had to pee more the past few days) but if I have it’s not visible from the outside. I’ve been carrying low throughout my pregnancy though, and again, not all women show when they’ve dropped. Le sigh. It’s a guessing game for the moment!

On My First Week Off…

I got a ton done this week! Cleaning, shopping, meal preparation…all stuff that was on my list! Today I’m treating myself to a pedicure, since reaching my toes is not exactly an easy task these days. There’s still organizing to do around the house, but a lot of that is on hold until we can move stuff to the basement. A’s parents are coming down this weekend (staying with his sister though…our spare bed is kind of disassembled right now) so his Dad can help him with laying down the floors. Once the floors are in, stuff can be moved downstairs, even though the trim still needs to be done.


Where else can you spend $70 and come away with a hanging closet organizer, a drawer organizer, a stuffed bunny, stuffed blocks, two cutting boards, two picture frames, a pot lid organizer and a pair of slippers??

On Things Kids Say…

” Your belly is really big!”

So says my niece 🙂

On Passing The Ultimate Marriage Test…

A and I don’t fight. We don’t argue. We will discuss, sometimes intensely, but 99% of the time we agree on pretty much everything.

Except in our taste in sofas.

We’ve tried shopping for sofas in the past, but very quickly we became frustrated with each other. He wants comfort, which is important to me too, but I also consider aesthetic. I want it to look nice as well as be comfortable! But the ones he liked just didn’t suit my aesthetic so I didn’t like them, and the ones I did like, he didn’t like. It was a vicious circle. There was no fighting but it was clear we weren’t happy with each other in this particular area.

It started off that way last night when we decided to give sofa shopping another go. It didn’t start off well. We sat on countless couches (not an easy feat for me right now, haha) but nada. Zip. Two different stores and nothing.

Until we went to the Brick, and that’s where we struck gold! We were barely inside the door when we sat on what would become the One. We sat pondering, A enjoying the comfort, me enjoying the sleek look. We looked at each other, nodding. Ya, this might be it. The sales guy clinched it for us when we found out that it was on sale for $485, down from $699!! What a bargain!! Of course with delivery and warranty (which covers spills and stains, something we’re bound to run into with a baby coming) and taxes, we ended up paying $750, but that was still within the range of what we were looking to pay, so it definitely worked out!

Isn’t she pretty?? We got this same colour too. It’s a linen look fabric in graphite, which is a warm grey. It’s going to go in our basement, but if we ever moved it up to the living room upstairs, it would suit the decor up there as well.

And as an added bonus? It’s made in Canada. Yay for homegrown products!

Cross your fingers it fits down the basement stairs!!

And that’s it for today’s ramblings. I hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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  1. July 20, 2012 6:20 pm

    Wow, you’re certinally on the ball! Great to see you in such wonderful spirit at 38 weeks. Don’t overdue it though. And get lots of sleep…you’ll need it in about two weeks! Love from all us Furey’s!

  2. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    July 21, 2012 3:22 am

    Yay for 38 weeks! You are getting so close, mama!!

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