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Weekend Wind-Up

July 16, 2012

Well here we are folks, Day 1 of maternity leave and I am absolutely loving it!

I was up when A got up this morning, as I had to drive him to pick up his car at the shop and I didn’t mind one bit! I couldn’t sleep anymore anyways; my tummy was demanding food!

The best part so far? My feet, ankles and legs aren’t swollen! It’s fantastic! I attribute that to having them up all the time when I’m at home and not sitting on uncomfortable chairs on the train and at work (though we have decent chairs at work…they’re just not conducive to pregnancy).

We had a pretty good weekend. The hubby and my dad worked hard on our basement. They got the primer coat of paint on (using a spray gun, so cool!), then spent yesterday patching up the fiddly bits of drywall and mudding. I think tonight they plan on putting on the top coat of paint!Here are pics from just before they painted:

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While they worked their buns off, I half relaxed, half was productive. A little tidying up here and there, some organizing in Molly’s room, laundry at my mom’s…oh, I started packing our hospital bags! Last minute things will be toiletries etc. that we’re still using, but otherwise I think we have pretty much everything!

We picked up our glider chair on Saturday and it looks amazing! And it’s so comfortable. Firm yet soft and it has great back support. A and I put up the curtains yesterday and they look fantastic too! I can’t wait to show y’all pics, but there’s still a little bit to be done 🙂

In between all our chores, A and I started watching S2 of Lost. Holy cow, it’s so good! It takes forever to explain stuff though! I can only imagine how tedious/suspenseful it was for those of you who watched it while it was playing on TV. It’s bad enough waiting a few hours to watch the next episode!

And that’s about it for our weekend. Gearing up for baby! Speaking of, all was well at my OB appointment this morning. Her heart rate is excellent (152), my blood pressure is great and I’m measuring at 39 weeks! I’m going every week now. Next week he’ll do a cervical check to see if anything is going on but for now I’m content to just enjoy my time! She’ll come when she’s ready.

Now I shall be off to have a bit of a lie down before my massage at 2pm. I was out to Walmart, Chapters and Costco this morning. My plan is to get some freezer meals prepped over the next day or so, which means plenty of meat was bought!

Chat at ya later!

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