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Friday Ramblings

July 13, 2012

On the Baby…

Uh, ya. I’m 37 weeks today y’all! Molly could arrive at any point now and be considered full term. I’ve determined that the last few weeks of pregnancy is just like the two week wait at the beginning, when you’re waiting to find out if you’re pregnant. Every little twinge, every little symptom, and you ask “Is this it?”. I had a particularly interesting wake up call on Sunday night when I was having mild contractions. They went away and my doctor (who I saw the next morning) determined they were Braxton Hicks (which was my thought too) but for a brief moment I thought to myself “Am I in labour??”.

My response to myself? “No, I can’t be! The house is a mess!”. I’m not afraid of giving birth. There’s no point. She’s going to come out, one way or another; there’s no point worrying about it. But apparently I’m worried about leaving my house a mess!

On the Nursery…

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there! Wednesday night my mom came over to help me with the crib skirt while A and my dad worked on the basement. I tried working on it myself the other night, but physically it’s just becoming too awkward to do anything. So we got that all sewed up and I must say, it looks fabulous! I’ll post pics once the whole room is together 🙂

On Work…

Today was my last day! It’s kind of surreal. A picked me up, as I had a few boxes of things to bring home with me. Check out what I foud under my desk in a loblaws cloth bag:

A dehydrated red pepper!! How cool is that?

On The GO Train and TTC Can Suck It!…..

I won’t be using either for awhile and I couldn’t be happier! There is so much construction happening at Union Station and the sheer cost of commuting!! Goodness. My salary may be cut in half now as I go on Employment Insurace for a year, but in a way it’s no less money because I spend so much per month on transportation. Bliss.

On What’s Up This Weekend…

The basement, of course. They’re just about ready to paint! Once that’s done it’s time for the floors and then we can start moving stuff back down. Whew!

And work on the baby’s room is definitely on the agenda. We got a call that our rocker is ready to be picked up! We hope to get the curtains up and I’m going to be starting on some serious organization.

Hospital bags! We need to pack our bags for the hospital. Oh and in preparation for the first few weeks after she’s born, I’m going to prepare some crock pot meals. Basically you combine all the ingredients, put them in a freezer baag and pop them into the freezer. Then, in the morning you want to make it, you just put the contents into the crock pot, set it to cook and voila! Easy peasy and nutritious meals.

And that’s about it for this Friday’s Ramblings. I’m hoping our little miss gives me at least a couple of weeks off until she decides to make her appearance. But I’ll take her at any time really 🙂

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  1. A Miracle In the Works permalink
    July 14, 2012 9:40 pm

    Yes, pack those bags 🙂

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