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Weekend Wind Up

July 11, 2012

Friday night we were cottage bound! BFF B and her fam had invited us up to their cottage and we’d been looking forward to it for weeks! It was a great break for both of us. Our weekends have been so busy lately, and our goal was to relax!

We got there about 7:30ish and for the first little bit we just chatted and got caught up (though B and I are in touch daily, if not several times a day). After their little guy, J (he’s almost 4! I can’t believe it!), went to bed, the adults settled ourselves around a lovely fire, had snacks and drinks (lemonade for me, beer for everyone else) and vegged. It was a late night; I was up way past my bedtime, but a lovely night all the same.

The next morning we got up and B made us a super yummy breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream, fruit and syrup. Yum! While she cooked, I had a great lesson on dinosaurs from J. He was so cute the whole weekend! He’s in the ‘Why’ phase, where he wants to know why for everything! And he kept asking how the baby was in my belly. Adorable!

After breakfast B and I chillaxed for a bit while the boys went off on some errands. When they returned, we all headed out on the boat and the men folk went for a water ski. When we were done it was time for lunch, a bit more relaxing and then time for a swim! Swimming was quite blissful for this pregnant gal. I felt weightless in the water and I think it really helped my swollen feet and cankles. But wow, when I started hauling myself up onto the ladder to get out? I felt every single pound I’ve gained! It was crazy.

After our swim, I needed a nap. It just plum tired me out! A too, so we had ourselves a little snooze. It helped, but was one of those naps where you’re left feeling groggy afterwards. It took us awhile to perk up!

Dinner helped, of course 🙂 We had a yummy feast of BBQ’d ribs, salad and potatoes. For dessert, we had a strawberry rhubarb crumble A and I had bought from a farmers market on our way up the night before.

Once J went down for the night, the boys headed off for an evening fish (no catch, sadly) and B and I worked on getting the fire going! It took a few attempts (it had rained that morning) but she finally nailed it! We had ourselves some s’mores and just chatted. This September is mine and B’s 15th friendiversary! How crazy is that?? Even crazier is that it’s been 15 years since we started University; we met on our very first day there!

We didn’t have as late a night that night and so were up a bit earlier Sunday morning. After breakfast we relaxed and chatted (see, I told you relaxation was the goal of the weekend!). Once we’d all woken up a bit more, we went out on the boat again for another ski. This time A abstained. He twisted his shoulder the day before skiing, and smartly decided not to try again 🙂 We did take J for a tube run though! He loved it.

And then it was time for A and I to pack up and head out. We had such a lovely time and are so thankful to B, her hubby K and J for having us! We stopped for lunch on our way home, and made it back into the City by 3pm.

And then we crashed. All that fresh air and relaxation just completely knocked us out. So we spent the rest of the day at home, watching the last few episodes of Season 1 of Lost (eeee!), stopping only to pop out to grab a couple of slices of pizza for dinner. Conveniently the season finale ended at 9pm (aka bedtime for me) and the two of us hit the sack.

What a great weekend and now it’s back to the real world of getting things ready for baby!

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