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Weekend Wind-Up

July 3, 2012

Someday soon we’ll have a weekend that isn’t jam packed…actually that weekend will be this weekend! We’ll be heading up to a friend’s cottage for a couple of days of r and r!! We’re both super excited 🙂

But back to this past weekend, which blissfully was a long one as we celebrated Canada Day on Sunday (though to be honest, we did very little celebrating…too tired!).

Friday night I met A up at Yorkdale and we had ourselves a lovely date. We had dinner at Milestones (always have a good meal there) and then caught a movie. We saw Brave, which was really quite well done. I enjoyed it a lot!

Saturday was errands day for me, while A and my Dad worked on the basement. My mom came with me and we hit up Babies R Us to pick up a few necessities for the baby: nursing pillow, crib sheets (she won’t sleep in there right away at night but I’ll try napping her in there during the day so she gets used to the space), a change pad (portable…we’re not using a change table), pull shades for the car etc. While we were there I ordered the glider chair we chose for the nursery. Estimated delivery date: 2-4 weeks! Hopefully closer to two 🙂 and that my own delivery date is more in the 4-5 week range!

We headed home and made lunch for the men folk before heading off again to the health food store, Home Depot and the liquor store (buying beer when you’re 8 months pregnant is quite interesting!).

Booze in the baby carrier, which we’ve been keeping in the trunk of the car while our house is a bit of a disaster zone…how many things are wrong with this picture?

Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon at her house, so that I could do some laundry. I headed home shortly before dinner time to make supper (bacon wrapped mini meatloafs…I double the recipe and froze the ones I didn’t cook). We ate and then we chilled and watched a couple episodes of Lost before hitting the sack! We were both exhausted.

Sunday was more basement work for the men, and so I occupied myself by starting to paint the baby’s room! I figured if I did around the trim, it would be short work for A to roll the rest of the room. I managed to figure out a good bum shuffling system along the floor for doing around the baseboards that didn’t aggravate my ligament pain. Once that was done, it was quick work painting around the door frames and windows. Luckily we’re putting in crown moulding at some point, so I didn’t have to worry about around the ceiling. I finished that in time to shower and make lunch for my crew, and then I headed off to visit with my sister for a few hours. We had a good time chatting and playing with the kids! So happy we’ll be on maternity leave together!

A hilarious CJ moment: When realizing I’d be feeding the baby just like her mom feeds her brother, she exclaimed “Nooooo! Who’s going to play with me then?” Such a monkey!

Supper that night was easy peasy. I’d gotten way too hot the night before cooking and didn’t want a repeat, so we picked up pizza! After dinner, before settling in to watch a couple episodes of Lost, A painted the baby’s room! The first coat was done!

And then it was Monday. Again, the men worked their magic in the basement and I’m proud to say they finished the dry wall! We have walls and a ceiling! Next up is the mudding, which my dad is starting on today (he’s on vacation this week, lucky guy).
I finished up the second coat around the trim in the baby’s room, tidied our bedroom and then was done for the day! I was pooped.

We have walls! (That’s my dad, hard at work mudding)

Entrance to the cold storage

The cat’s cubby…one side for food/water, the other for litter. We figure she’ll need her own space downstairs, since she’s not a huge fan of kids…she’s not mean to them, she just avoids them like the plague 🙂

TV room/Office

Shortly after lunch, my dad headed home and we quickly followed to meet him there. My parents were expecting guests, friends of ours from Newfoundland who are visiting some family for a couple of weeks. We’ve known them forever! They lived in Ontario for a while before moving back East. In fact, I remember seeing L shortly before they moved, when she was white pregnant with their daughter. That was twenty years ago! Kind of funny that now I’m the pregnant one 🙂

After an early supper, A and I headed home. I’m thrilled to say that the baby’s room is painted! A got the second coat on and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so pretty!

Baby’s room before…


Baby’s room after…I’ll try and get a better shot with the morning light soon

Then it was time for, what else? Lost We watched a couple of episodes before calling it a night. I think we’re a little more than halfway through the first season. We learned a lot about Sawyer’s past last night.

And thats it folks! I’m hoping that this week we’ll be able to get a bit more done in the nursery, but the priority is the basement so I’ll be patient if we don’t.

I’m a little impatient with myself, in that I can’t physically do what I usually can. I know there’s a good reason for most of it but I know that not all women deal with the constant ligament pain I have and can do a bit more than I’m able to at the moment (I swear a woman who’s further along than me soared passed me at the train station today) and that’s frustrating. But I’ll manage and I’m getting quite used to asking for help 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. July 5, 2012 9:42 am

    Love the colour C! As for Lost – I’m rewatching it too with a friend. We are on season 4. Such a good show!

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