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35 Weeks

July 2, 2012

How Far Along? – 35 Weeks…funny enough on the day I was 35 weeks, there were 35 days left until my due date!

Size of Baby – I feel like she’s huge! But she’s probably 5.5 or so pounds.

Gender – It’s a girl!!


Maternity Clothes – There’s no point buying anything else at this point. I just borrowed a maternity bathing suit from my sister to bring to my friend’s cottage this weekend. We’ll see if I actually wear it!

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – I have no idea today. I know I hit the 40 lb gained mark last week. That was fun (ha)! My doc isn’t worried, and with only four or so weeks left, neither am I. Besides, I’m retaining so much water, I’m sure that’s accounting for several pounds.

Sleep – Not so great. I’ve been hot lately and so achy in the middle of the night.

Movement –Oh she’s on the move all right! It was funny, the other day I hadn’t felt her in a while, and I was starting to get concerned. But just as the real worry hit, she started wiggling and it wasn’t long until I was hoping she’d stop! She’s still head down (as of my OB appointment last Tuesday), with her little bum mostly on my left and her feet/knees poking out my right side.

Symptoms – Oh man. Ligament pain, lack of sleep, achy hips…and the swelling! Gosh the swelling of my lower legs, ankles and feet. Massage helps, but they’re particularly bad after a day at work, where most of what I do is sitting.

Cravings –Nothing really. Still just really susceptible to food possibilities other people suggest.

What Do I Miss – I miss being able to do things. I get tired and/or it hurts to do even the simplest chores (with the ligament pain in my groin). I miss wearing my wedding rings.

Nursery –We started painting the nursery yesterday!! The first coat is on and hopefully we can get the second done this evening. Yay! It’s going to come together quickly after the paint dries. I ordered our glider yesterday (2-4 weeks for delivery, hopefully sooner rather than later0. I think I’ll need a few more pictures/art works for the walls, but otherwise we’re golden!

Emotions –Not too bad. I’ve been feeling a bit more frustrated lately with not being able to do much, but otherwise I’m in good spirits! Looking forward to meeting our little munchkin in a few short weeks!

Best Moment of the Week – We had our last birthing class, part of which was a tour of the hospital where I’ll deliver. It was exciting to see the space and start picturing how it might be. I’ve started imagining what it’ll be like when she first arrives and I hold her for the first time. I just can’t wait!

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