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Weekend Wind-Up

June 26, 2012

On my train ride home Friday, I got a text from A:

“Lost is on sale for $20 a season! Should I get it?”

My response? Absolutely!!

We’ve been desperate for shows to watch lately. I’m at the point in my pregnancy where my energy is waning, and is further compounded by the constant ligament pain that makes moving around hard and awkward. I want to sit and watch TV 75% of the time. But there’s nothing on!

Neither of has seen Lost, and though we’d prefer it on Blu Ray, it’s much more affordable in DVD format. And so, yesterday we sat down to watch the first episode. A few subsequent episodes later, and we’re very much enjoying it! It’ll take us well into when the baby is born and probably into the fall. The last time we watched an entire series (Battlestar Galactica), it took us four months and that was four seasons! This one is six.

So that was exciting. The rest of the weekend was a combo of household chores and birthday parties!

Friday night I spent at the laundromat (aka Mom’s house). Our washer/dryer will be disconnected for another little while, so laundry at mom’s it is! She and I spent the evening watching TLC. I think that’s the only channel I truly miss since we went to basic cable over a year ago. It was a Say Yes to the Dress kind of night. I cringed watching how particular some of the brides were, and realized how low key I was! I wonder if I would have been as low key if I hadn’t been pregnant…hmm…

A’s dad arrived Saturday morning, as did mine (though the trek for him was considerably shorter; only a two minute drive!). They got to work on the basement while I headed out with my mom to run a couple of errands. I got back home around 10:30 and both A and I got ourselves ready and left our dads to the basement, while we headed up to pick up my niece, and then over to my Godson J’s birthday party!

BFF B found a really amazing location just north of the city that caters to kids. There was a covered picnic area, a little play area with slides and tubes to run through, and a petting zoo with ponies, goats and pigs! It was kid-a-palooza for a solid two hours (I said to A later, this will be us in a couple of years!), but everyone had a ball! The weather was perfect and the kids really enjoyed the dinosaur bone hunt B had planned (J is really into dinosaurs right now). We had lunch, the kids ran around a bit and then we visited the animals. CJ absolutely loved the ponies and goats, but wasn’t a huge fan of the pigs. They were big black ugly ones, not cute little pink ones, so I don’t blame her (though I thought they were cute).

She fell asleep on the way home (the sign of a good party) but woke once we got there, eager to share her activities with mommy and daddy. A and I left her, tired ourselves and headed home.

He got back to work, and I had a much needed nap before the men quit for the day and my dad headed home. The three of us (A’s dad stayed over) had pizza for dinner, and then when my second wind hit and the sun had gone down a bit, I headed out to do some much needed weeding and pruning in the gardens. Our tomatoes are growing like crazy, and we have the beginnings of cherry tomatoes fruiting!

Sunday arrived and the boys were back to work again; they got the entire rec area dry walled! They still need to do the ‘mudding’ but man, am I impressed! It looks wonderful!

The big gap is the entrance to the furnace/storage room; we’ll put bi-fold doors there for access.

Next up: the hall and laundry area!

I headed out to run some errands. I hit up Walmart, Costco and the grocery store and though I spent what seemed like gads of money, it was all necessary items (toilet paper, paper towels, mattress cover, cleaning supplies, food etc.). The only somewhat not necessary items I bought were socks for the baby (don’t want her litle tootsies getting cold!) and a couple of nightshirts for me, that button up the front and will be great to wear when breastfeeding. They’re somewhat cuter than the granny looking ones you often see.

I made it home in time to make lunch before my father-in-law headed home and then hubby and I had some down time together, watching Lost.

I barely made it through the first episode before deciding I needed a nap. I didn’t sleep much (our little miss was wiggling like crazy!) but the rest helped. After a couple hours of r and r, A and I headed out around 3:30 to meet up with my parents, and my aunt, uncle and cousin, for an early dinner (they were off to the airport, heading home to Newfoundland). We had a lovely time!

Then it was back home for more Lost and pie. We bought these super yummy mini pies the other night, apple berry. OMGSOGOOD. And a good portion too, perfect for sharing šŸ™‚

We were so tired the two of us were in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night. Of course I was awake at 4am, hungry! A granola bar satisfied me and I settled back down.

And that’s about it. I hope you all had a groovy weekend!

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  1. June 26, 2012 9:29 am

    Your remodeling has me way too excited, and so does your purchase of LOST! My hubs and I loved that show and were sad to see it end. My in-laws gave up somewhere around season 4 because things were just too weird, so if you feel the same way, give it another chance and keep with it! There are some amazing twists later on.
    And I totally feel your pain on those expensive-but-necessary shopping trips. Those are the worst! I find if I don’t buy ONE thing I can enjoy after spending that much money on boring crap, I get sad…LOL. Glad you were able to treat yourself too!

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