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Weekend Wind-Up

June 18, 2012

Another busy weekend around our casa!

Friday night we had dinner at my parents. Also there: my sister and the kids (her hubby was home sick), her in-laws (they’re close with my parents), and my aunt, uncle and cousin! My aunt and uncle are up from Newfoundland visiting and it was lovely to see them! Dinner was a lobster affair, though I abstained. I;m wary of it while pregnant, but more importantly I just don’t like lobster. Gasp! I know, a horrible offense for a Newfie, but it’s true.

We had a good time, especially with the kids. The new maxi dress I bought was christened by my nephew spitting up all down my front :). And CJ was especially adorable wanting ‘hugs’ all night long and patting my belly. She actually felt the baby move at one point (after a gentle tummy poke by me) and was thrilled!

My father-in-law arrived later in the evening and enjoyed a cup of tea with us before the three of us headed back to our place. It was directly to bed wr all went, but I unfortunately had a horrible sleep 😦 I was very achy, both in my hips and with my ligament pain in my leg. Argh.

As a result, I wasn’t in the best mood on Saturday. Not grumpy, just tired. But I had a nap around 3pm and that helped a lot. Throughout the day, while A, his dad and mine worked in the basement, I was upstairs working on making the curtains for the baby’s room! I chose to do a straight panel with tabs. I was moving along quite steadily, until I hit the point where I needed to add the blackout lining. Then I got stumped. For some reason it just wouldn’t line up correctly! I was so frustrated I almost cried and that’s when I took my nap. When I woke up, I laid it all out on the floor and somehow it just worked!

My dad headed home for dinner and after we ate, we watched the Ghost Rider sequel. Meh. It wasn’t that well done. I don’t recommend it!

Sunday we were all up early to see A’s dad off. A settled in for some r and r on his computer while I worked on my second curtain panel. This one came together a lot faster and I was done well before lunch.

I’m going to toot my own horn and say I’m quite impressed with myself! The curtains look awesome! I wish I could take a pic, but I can’t hang them yet and lying them on the floor won’t give you a good impression. Soon enough I’ll be able to put everything together.

My parents arrived around noon and while my dad and A put the finishing touches on the basement, pre-drywall, my mom and I did a little shopping. I picked up some curtain rods for the baby’s room, as well as three maternity tanks for me! Those will be good for on the weekends.

Mom and I came home, and spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and chatting while the men worked their genius in the basement. And genius it is! They gave us a tour of what they’ve accomplished and I am so impressed! I am so thankful to have not only a handy hubby, but a dad and father-in-law who are also handy AND willing to help us (A) with the work 🙂

And thats about it. I took some pics of the basement that I’ll try and post later in the week. We have our birthing class tonight, which means it won’t be done this evening!

I hope everyone had a groovy weekend!

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