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Knowledge (and nesting) is Power!

June 6, 2012

Monday night our birthing classes began. We’re taking them at the hospital where we’ll have the baby, which only makes sense. So far we’re happy with how they’re going! There are eight other couples in the class and the instructor is great! She’s super bubbly and informative, making the learning process easy and fun. I’m also happy with what I’m learning about the hospital. They let the labouring mom eat! Not all do. Apparently there’s a fridge stocked with foods just for mom. Who knows if I’ll feel like it or not, but at least the option is there. And though you’re not guaranteed your OB will deliver your baby (doesn’t bother me in the least), you do get the same nurse for the duration, which is amazing.

Our first class talked about the different stages of labour (we stopped before pushing): the things that happen during each stage, how long it may last, what mom-to-be might be feeling and how her partner can support her. Next week we talk more about pushing the baby out, labour positions etc. A is totally into planning what he’ll do to distract me and keep me occupied during the stage where I’m labouring at home. Movies, TV shows on DVD, games, x-box…all have been mentioned! It’s so cute πŸ™‚

I’ve been slightly worried that learning about all of this would make me anxious or worried, but in my world, being informed actually gives me more confidence.

Bring it!

Also somewhat confidence building is gathering the baby supplies and equipment we’ll most likely need over the first little while. The gifts I received at my shower helped a lot towards settling down that particular anxiety, and last night one of the final pieces fell into place: we got our stroller and infant seat (huge thanks to Mom and Dad!)!

We’re really happy with the system we got. It’s the Safety 1st Lux Coast travel system. The infant seat is light and easy to maneuver in and out of the stroller. The stroller itself is super easy to collapse and put back together (one button, in an easy to find location). There’s a huge storage area under the stroller that’s easy to access and there are two cup holders already attached.Β  It’s not super high end, but not low end either, so the price was right. And even righter when I discovered on Monday that it was on sale for 40% off!! Cheese and toast! We weren’t planning on getting it for another few weeks (space is an issue at our casa right now), but the sale is only on until tomorrow and we just couldn’t pass it up.

And of course I love how it looks aesthetically πŸ™‚ (It’s black, white and aqua in colour…fairly gender neutral so we’ll be a-ok to use it if our next kid is a boy)

We actually ended up putting the coordinating high chair and pack and play on our registry and I was lucky enough to receive these as shower gifts!

I didn’t intentionally choose matching pieces, but we loved the functionality of all three…how about that detachable storage piece on the end of the play yard?? And the raised up changing pad? Perfect for a gal of my height.

I’m dying to set everything up, but as I’ve said, space is at a premium right now. Besides, there is still gads of time to get everything put together πŸ™‚

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