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Ten on Tuesday

June 5, 2012

It’s the 90’s edition! Link up over at Roots and Rings. It seems amazing to me that so much time has passed since then. I grew from an awkward 12 year old into a lovely 20 year old during that decade. I made it through five years of high school (back in the day when we had Grade 13), and more than half of my Bachelor’s degree during the 90’s. Wow!

1. Which boy band was your favorite and your favorite song?
New Kids On The Block Baby (very early 90’s of course)! Step by Step, Cover Girl, The Right Stuff…all were listened to over and over and over…the last concert I saw was NKOTB on their reunion tour a few years back.

2. Your favorite spice girl?
I wasn’t big on the Spice Girls. I think I was a bit too old for them when they came out

3. Did you ever try the orbit drink?
Nope. Never heard of it!

4. What brand of clothing were you in to?
I wore a lot of Smart Set back in the 90’s. Their stuff always fit me well!

5. Did you watch TGIF?
Did I! It was the highlight of my week!

6. What news story in the 90′s do you recall?
Um….OJ Simpson I guess.

7. List which you think had the best talent. Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Brittney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.
Tricky. I think Jessica Simpson has the best voice. Runner up, Christina Aguilera (who I saw in concert once and was AMAZING!)

8. Did Marilyn Manson creep you out?
Most definitely. Never trust a man who wears make up.

9. Who was your BFF?
Oh goodness. Well, I met BFF B in ’97, so I’m going to go with her!

10. A picture of you in the 90′s.
I plead the fifth…actually, I just don’t have access to one at the moment 😉

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