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Weekend Wind-Up

June 4, 2012

Well, I’m not quite sure where the weekend went! It flew by way too fast. Still, this is a long post, so grab a coffee and settle in!

Friday night we had what I call a ‘scrounge’ dinner. It was whatever we could find in the cupboards. Our concoction? Fish sticks and Kraft Dinner! Actually a very tasty combo. We ate while watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which was entertaining. There is literally nothing on TV right now! All our shows have ended for the season and there aren’t any good movies On Demand.

It was early to bed for me, though sadly not an early to rise Saturday morning.

I was awake from 2-5 am. Yikes! I woke to use the bathroom but couldn’t settle back down as I realized I was hungry and needed a snack. After satisfying my appetite, I tried to go back to sleep but my constant companion (the baby) wouldn’t have it! She was wiggling like crazy for at least two hours, and I couldn’t get comfortable.

As a result, we slept in until 8:30! We got up and made breakfast and then I got ready and headed out to run some errands. I had a few things to get for the baby’s room and hit up Michaels, Fabricland and had some stuff to return and pick up at Walmart (I loathe going there on a Saturday but there was no other time). Once those were done, it was off to the airport to pick up my parents, who were arriving home from a two week vacation in Newfoundland!

I came home and had a quick lie down (baby still wouldn’t settle, so it was brief) before making another ‘scrounge’ supper, this time chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and broccoli with a side of pasta in red wine and herb sauce (and none of it from scratch!). We then welcomed my parents and my sister and CK (CJ was in bed at home) for a nice visit! A and my dad did some basement stuff while us gals traded off holding the baby (he’s sooooo cute).

Sunday arrived and I was super excited because it was my baby shower day!! Never mind that I was pooped because I was awake again from 2-5:30. My dad was over early to work in the basement with A, but I had a bit of time and started cutting out the pieces for the crib skirt I’m making. I managed to get the pieces cut out and started on the sewing, but then I got hot (my body temp is whacked right now!) and had to stop.

I’m stoked about the fabric I bought and am excited to have chosen the paint colour for the baby’s room! It’s a very pale but fresh green that compliments the greens in the fabric. It’s called Monet Moonrise and is the paint chip on the top of the card in this picture:

The flowered fabric will be the curtains, the stripes the crib skirt and the adorable cupcakes/teapots/butterflies/strawberries will be a blanket or quilt of some sort.

I took my time getting ready for my shower and at 12:30 left to make the short trek to pick up my mom. It was then onto the venue, which was only 10 minutes away! It was lovely, a historic house from 1850. My BFF, B, did a super job in picking out the venue and pulling together a wonderful celebration for me!

(B made up a name tag for my belly, but I’ve blurred it out! I’m not ready to announce the baby’s name on the blog yet)

We were the first ones there, but others weren’t long in arriving. Once everyone was there, we settled in for some grub! B did an absolute amazing job on the food, with yummy quiches, a fab salad with blackberries, candied walnuts and feta cheese, pumpernickel bread and spinach dip and some raw veggies. I definitely had seconds!

Once everyone was satisfied, some people mingled while others intensively started in on the Guess Who The Baby Is game. B had asked people to bring baby pics of themselves, and then we had to guess who they were. I didn’t participate, mostly because I’m particularly useless when it comes to telling who baby’s look like. It’s not a skill I have 🙂

We opened a few gifts while dessert was being set up. CJ was my gift opening helper, and man, she owned it! Once we convinced her she had to open the card first, she got right into it. Pulling things out of bags, ripping paper off of boxes. Such a funny monkey.

Dessert was extremely sinful, with a few options: strawberry angel food cake, apple slices with the most amazing dip ever (cream cheese/sugar mix topped with caramel and Skor bar bits), and lemon squares! The baby quieted down after that feast. She loves her sugar 🙂

We finished opening gifts and I’m in awe of how lucky we are! We are pretty well set for the first little while after the baby is born. She’s a lucky gal!

The party dispersed around 3:30 or so and A and my dad came to help load up the truck with our gifts and to help tidy up. A huge thank you to all of you who came and most especially to my BFF B, for throwing me such a wonderful party.

(B MADE these little shoes and filled them with tasty treats as the party favour!).

Now to get started on shower thank you’s…luckily I finished my wedding thank yous on the weekend! I showed A how generous our friends and family are and we’ve tucked everything in the closet in the baby’s room for the time being. Once the room is set up, I’ll be able to properly organize and start washing the adorable clothes we received.

What a fabulous weekend! Everything is becoming so real now.

We’re having a baby!!

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  1. June 4, 2012 4:52 pm

    What an adorable shower! Glad you had fun and I’m getting excited for you!

    As for the sleeplessness, although I’m not nearly far enough along to use this tip myself, a friend once suggested chamomile tea. It seems to soothe the baby so she’ll stop squirming so you can get some rest. Obviously, every doctor may have a different opinion on it, but mine says it’s ok. Good luck!

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