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31 Weeks!

June 3, 2012

How Far Along? – 31 Weeks – Wow!! Time is just flying by 🙂

Size of Baby – Length I have no clue, but over 18 inches long. Weight though, at least according to the ultrasound, is over 4 lbs!

Gender – It’s a girl!!


All dolled up for my baby shower 🙂

Maternity Clothes – I’m starting to wish that they made maternity shoes…do they??? My feet are swelling by end of day. I have a feeling I’ll be living in either my runners or my flip flops for the rest of my pregnancy…luckily my work is flexible!

Stretch Marks – Not yet…I moisturize daily! Fingers crossed!

Weight – I didn’t weigh myself this morning, but I think around 32 pounds.

Sleep – OMG. The last couple of nights I’ve been up from 2-5am. Good lord! Our little munchkin has been squirming to the point that I just can’t get comfortable. Then I realize I’m hungry and it’s all I can think about, so I have to get up and get a snack.

Movement –Over the past few days, All. The. Time. But she goes through phases and in the next couple of days she should settle down for a bit before kicking it up again!

Symptoms – Ligament pain, insomnia, fatigue, slight swelling of the ankles and legs, my rear end issue

Cravings –Still no major cravings. I’m just incredibly suggestive to food ideas.

What Do I Miss – Wearing my wedding rings! I had to take them off a couple of weeks ago and it makes me sad, seeing as I’ve worn them for such a short time. I continue to wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck and my engagement ring has been put back in it’s box for the time being. Soon enough I’ll be able to wear them again!

Nursery –All the fabric I ordered arrived this week, and I’ve started work on making the crib skirt.

Emotions –Pretty groovy actually; I had a few down moments this week, but I think it’s just tired and achy-ness getting me down.

Best Moment of the Week –My baby shower, which was this afternoon (more on that to come with my weekend wind up tomorrow). BFF B did an absolutely amazing job and A and I are so completely blessed to have such wonderful friends and family 🙂

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