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Weekend Wind-Up

May 28, 2012

It’s a sad fact that I can’t sleep in anymore. These days especially, where sleep eludes me in the early morning hours because I’m so uncomfortable, I’m up and at ’em around 6:30 or 7 on the weekends. This is good in the sense that I can get a ton done during the daylight hours, but bad in the sense that come 9pm, I’m done and ready for bed! Luckily we’re not party animals, so I’m not missing out on much 🙂

Kitty, ready for supper on Friday night!

Saturday we were up and I was ready to go my massage at 9:30. I’m going to start going every two weeks in hopes that her ministrations help my aching hips (I slept better Saturday night after she had worked on them). When my massage was finished, I headed up to the North Oshawa Farmer’s Market, where I picked up some apples, asparagus, fresh cremini mushrooms and a strawberry rhubarb crisp! Since it’s somewhat close to my sisters, I popped in to visit with her and the kids for a bit. CJ was happy to see her An’ Kissie and proceeded to kiss and rub my belly and take me off to her fort to play! CK himself was cuddling with his mama, awake but sleepy. The little man (who’s over nine pounds now!) has had a hard time sleeping for more than an hour lately.

I left their place and it was onto the nursery (the garden kind) where I picked up flowers for the garden! Perennials aren’t cheap, but the benefit is that they come back year after year, so if you’re careful and take are of them, the cost is actually in your favour.

I took my purchases home and after a nice lunch (chicken wraps), got down to the business of planting. Delphiniums and Foxglove in the front, Solomon’s Seal, Astilbe, Dead Nettle and Lily of the Valley in the back. I LOVE Lily of the Valley! It might take a couple of years for it to settle in, but the wait is worth it to smell those sweet smelling flowers!

Back garden

And look!

Do you see what I see on the strawberry plants? Take a closer peak:

Strawberries are starting to grow!! So exciting.

Here’s hoping whoever left these prints in our garden doesn’t get to them before I do:

If you have any tracking skills, let me know what kind of critter you think this could be! I’m thinking cat, but they are quite large. Luckily nothing was eaten, though the culprit stepped on some of my beets and on my cucumber seedlings. No major damage done.

Where was A in all of this? Working on the basement with his dad. There hasn’t been much change that you would notice in pictures, so I haven’t taken any, but they’ve roughed in the electrical. This means we’re very close to starting on the drywall!

I made dinner for the boys on Saturday, a nice meal of BBQ pork kabobs and roasted mini potatoes. I used a honey dijon marinade on the kabobs (store bought…I was too tired to make my own) and they were quite tasty! Follow that up with the strawberry rhubarb crisp I bought at the market, and it was a lovely summer meal.

While we ate the crisp, we watched Red Tails, a WWII movie about the Tuskegee pilots and the role they played. Their unit was made up entirely of black men who served during the war. It was good, though I’m not the biggest war movie fan.

Sunday morning we all got up and went to a local bakery for breakfast, then it was back to the house to work! The men settled themselves in down in the basement, while I got to my first job of the day: addressing our thank you cards! I’m just waiting on a couple of addresses of people who’ve moved and then they can be mailed out!

My second job of the day was to get to work on painting the dresser for the baby’s room. Instead of buying a new one, we’re using one I had in the closet in the office that was actually my sister’s when she was a kid.


It’s been around the block a few times and has had many a paint job, but is still in great condition and perfect for the nursery. It’s hard to tell in the before and after pics, but it was a distinctive creamy pale yellow colour and now it’s white (we’re going with white furniture).

….and after

I replaced the handles with ones we bought weeks ago and voila! Practically new and best of all, inexpensive! All it cost was a can of paint (which we already had on hand but for the record was $20) and new handles ($2 each). It’ll sit in the garage for a bit to off-gas and then is ready to go!

And that was pretty much it! Other than some much needed house cleaning that is, but that’s standard fare for our weekends. I did as much as I could but we’re in a state of flux right now with the basement renos. There is literally stuff all over our house!

I’m actually looking forward to work this week. It’s going to be a lot quieter than it has been, which I’m eternally thankful for. I have a ton of things to catch up on!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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